Note to readers

August 9, 2022 • 8:30 am

Once again I should remind readers to try to limit the emails they send me, as the volume is getting unmanageable, and I am both missing some emails and failing to acknowledge others.

Therefore, I’d ask readers to send me AT MOST one email per day with tips about interesting material, or perhaps one every two days.Β  If readers accumulate multiple “tips”, better to combine them in a file and then send them to me at once than to send each link as they find it.

This of course does not apply to errors I make in my posts; corrections are welcome at any time.

β€”The Mgmt.

5 thoughts on “Note to readers

  1. I humbly suggest you open a free mail account that is for the website only – then you can pick over it at leisure & ignore or use without interfering with your usual email that can then be for proper emeritus professorial stuff!


  2. I sent 2 emails over 8 years, I’m in the clear I hope?

    If 50,000 followers would each send 2 mails per 8 years that would be 100,000 mails per 8 years, hence 12,500 mails a year, or 34 mails a day.
    34 mails a day is basically unmanageable for a single person. Does Jerry need an email staffer?

    It definitely appears 2 mails per 8 years is too much. Think of that, WEIT followers. I’d suggest we should limit our mails mainly to the ones our host requests ie. wildlife photographs. (Jerry, my apologies if I’m presumptuous here).

    Of course, most won’t send a mail at all, but others would send many more. I just wanted to give some perspective (and highlight our host’s email plight).

    1. I don’t want to discourage readers from sending in stuff that they think I’d be interested in; I just want to reduce the number of emails, as they get lost. I don’t want to start another box because I’ll forget to look at it! My solution is simply that readers combine their “tips” into fewer emails.

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