Readers’ wildlife photos

June 16, 2022 • 8:45 am

Get those photos in, please!  Several readers obliged, and I’m grateful.

Today’s batch comes from Gary Radice, whose captions and descriptions are indented. Click the photos to enlarge them.

I just returned from a trip to the Tetons and Yellowstone. I was outside the Park in  West Yellowstone when the devastating floods hit and was never in danger.
In the days before the flooding my wife and I saw quite a bit of wildlife but rarely close enough for pictures. Except these:
In Yellowstone, we watched a single trumpeter swan (Cygnus buccinator) preening in the middle of the Firehole River, close enough to photograph with my small telephoto lens.

And near the Obsidian Cliffs we saw a pair of sandhill cranes (Antigone canadensis) with two little chicks. I was pretty far away and I couldn’t get a shot of the whole family, but I did get this one. I think the sandhill crane is my absolutely favorite bird. I could watch them for hours.

And in the Tetons, we went to visit Mormon Row to photograph the barns, common site for photographs. There was a magpie sitting on a post that I hoped would make it a little more interesting. I was using my iPhone for this one. Just as I took the shot the bird flew off. “Darn,” I thought. “The bird will be just a blur.” Later I opened the picture on my laptop.

This one is worth seeing enlarged. [JAC: the bird is there!]

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