We have a new brood!

June 6, 2022 • 11:34 am

When feeding Audrey and her babies their lunch, I noticed that there were more than 12 ducks in the pond. In fact, there are now 18, as a mother has shown up with her one-day-old brood. I am of course nervous, but the moms seem to be getting along and have even sorted out their broods. But there’s a long way to go, so I can’t help but be concerned.


It’s raining, so I’ll send pictures when it clears up.

UPDATE: Aggression has started: moms going after each other, mixing up the babies, the big babies pecking the little babies, and each mother pecking the brood of the other mother. I’m now quite worried about what will happen.

19 thoughts on “We have a new brood!

      1. WordPress is telling me I posted at 11:53 am. I believe that is Chicago time so that’s 9:53 am Pacific. I see posting times on all the comments. Don’t you?

        I checked the live feed a few minutes later and the Super Soaker guy (Dr. Coyne I think) was gone and all seemed calm. It looked like perhaps he was breaking up some sort of flare up between the hens, fearing another case where one hen steals the other’s brood like we had last year. (Or was it the year before?) Perhaps our host will comment on the incident and its outcome.

        1. I see the posting times, but for whatever reason, wasn’t paying attention. I think I only paid attention to you being the first to post, so figured it was some time before I commented.

  1. Wonderful, if stressful, news! Look forward to further updates and pictures of mom and the babies.

    Perhaps she’s returning from a previous year’s brood.

    At least the mom’s should have an easy time keeping track of which ducklings are theirs with the age difference.

  2. I’ve tried to comment unsuccessfully three times so far – 4th time lucky?

    Great news from Botany Pond – thanks!

  3. If I were strolling past the pond with no knowledge of the situation, I would be surprised to see a man using a super-soaker to (apparently) harass two sweet mama ducks and their cute babies. Do people ever get mad at you, or even report you to the authorities?

        1. I can’t help this, I apologize profusely, but the team motto might be :

          E Pluribus Speculum

  4. Oh dear, it looks like I spoke too soon about the good news. I hope that the mothers and offspring calm down.

    1. Me too. It’s so stressful when the adults start fighting and especially stressful if the ducklings can be harmed.

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