Caturday felid trifecta: Best cat cities in America; Ritz the cat turns up after 16 years; black cat named mayor of Hell, Michigan

May 14, 2022 • 9:30 am

From “The World’s Best Cat Litter” site, an advertising site, we hav a list of the best cat cities in America. The data used in the compilation seems wonky, but here’s the intro (click to read):

The list:

1.) New York City

2.) Los Angeles

3.) Chicago. This is what they say about my town:

We love Chicago for deep-dish pizza and Navy Pier. Cats love Chicago because of the views! While birds fly back and forth, an apartment cat is in her element watching all the wildlife pass by. For cat lovers, there are a number of cat cafes and events throughout the city that celebrate all things cat-related. The only thing Chicago is missing is a great sports team with a cat mascot.

4.) Dallas

5.) Atlanta

6.) Houston

7). Philadelphia

8.) Seattle

9.) San Francisco. 

In truth, the list reads like the group of cities that the writers like the most, having little to do with cats. Only Dallas has any bona fides, described as “Apart from the perfect climate for window perching, Dallas is also one of the first cities in the country to be certified as a Better City for Pets™, as part of the Mars Petcare Better Cities for Pets™”

I’d say the best city for cats is the city where you live, especially if you have a cat.


Here, from USA Today, we have another story of a cat gone missing and found after a long period—in this case 16 years. Not only that, but he was on the verge of being euthanized when, glory be, the vet found a microchip. (Make sure all your cats are chipped.)

Ritz is a gray tabby who escaped from his owner’s Delaware apartment in 2006, apparently gone forever. Click on the story to read.

The owner Jason McKenry, made strenuous efforts to find Ritz, putting up this poster:

Jason kept calling animal shelters, as he had been told that before an animal is “put down,” vets routinely check dogs for microchips but not cats:

“Almost universally, the answer I got from all the shelters and vets was that they checked for dogs,” he said, “but they really didn’t check routinely for cats.”

I’d call that blatant discrimination. At any rate, Jason got married, had two kids, and Ritz was still gone.  Then, after 14 years, the rescue:

About two years ago, Emily Russell noticed a gray tabby kept coming near her home in a mobile home park near Delaware’s Lums Pond.

Russell, then 18, began feeding the cat and some other feral cats that came around her place. But this tabby was a little different from the others.

“He was just so sweet and innocent,” said Russell, now 20. “I named this cat Tom because he looks like a Tomcat. He’s an old man.”

Russell said she’s been feeding eight outside cats, but Tom, who would sleep under mobile homes, was the only cat that ever let her pet him.

“We would have love sessions outside,” she said. She’d also allow the cat into her home where he interacted with her two indoor cats.

Recently, Tom showed up at her doorstep with an injured paw and back leg.

“It looked like he got hit by a car,” she said. “His front leg was very hurt. He was holding it up, and he wasn’t able to walk.”

Russell and her dad took him to Lums Pond Animal Hospital to see if anything could be done for him – or if he needed to be put down.

That’s when they found out Tom had a chip.

“I started bawling my eyes out,” she said. “If I had known he had a chip I would have taken him sooner, but he just looked like a feral cat.”

Here’s “old man” Ritz with Russell. Where had he been for fourteen years?

Liz McKenry sobbed for about an hour.

The couple picked up their children and drove to the animal hospital where they were reunited with Ritz.

After being treated at the animal hospital, they took Ritz to the home of Caroline Clark, Liz McKenry’s mother who they jokingly refer to as a “certified cat lady.”

There Ritz rested most of Tuesday.

The McKenrys aren’t sure if Ritz recognizes them, but he is being friendly.

“He hasn’t balked at all about being handled,” Jason McKenry said. “It’s astonishing.”

Here’s Ritz after the rescue:

This is the part that bothers me; they are letting someone else take care of their ageing cat:

The McKenrys returned to Annapolis Tuesday night, leaving Ritz at Clark’s home to recover. After that, they will figure out what comes next.

“He’s obviously had a long eventful life,” Jason McKenry said. “But he’ll be comfortable for whatever time he has left.”

Yes, he’ll be comfortable, and perhaps he’s forgotten his original owner (Jason), but I sure as hell would keep Ritz for the rest of his life. Well, to each their own.

Here’s the errant moggy with Jason and his post-Ritz wife Liz:


This is a short and sweet article from Bored Panda about a black cat named honorary mayor of Hell (a town in Michigan that you can read about here or here). Click to read the article below:

Here’s pretty much all the information about Jinx, including social media sites:

Pets go viral on the internet for either the most wholesome or the most bizarre reasons, and there are rare situations where it’s both at the same time. However, today we’d like for you to meet an adorable cat named Jinx who happened to go viral for the most bizarre and wholesome reasons.

Jinx has disproportionately large eyes and feet and has been this way ever since she was little when she stumbled into her owner’s backyard and found her forever home from that very day. However, that’s not the entire point of Jinx’s charm: the reason the unique cat went viral was because she applied to be a politician for a day (yes, seriously) or in other words, she ran for Mayor of the city Hell in Michigan.

More info: Instagram | | | |

Here’s Hell:

Jinx (a great name) as a kitten. Look at the size of her eyes! (All photo credits: bigfootjinx)

Jinx grown up. Apparently her feet are so large that she can’t walk properly.  I can’t see oversized feet, they do look a bit deformed. The eyes, however, are HUGE.

xAnd a temporary mayorship:

And a video:


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  1. IRT no cat mascot in Chicago, I went to Northwestern University in Evanston abutting Chicago on the north. NWU also has a campus in Chicago. It bills itself as Chicago’s Big Ten school, and its mascot is the Wildcat. IMAO the school fields good if not great teams, e.g. recent football, basketball, and lacrosse squads, that Chicagoans can be proud of. All of these reasons qualify NWU to meet The World’s Best Cat Litter requirement. Go ‘Cats!

  2. Thanks for the Trifecta. Yes, that’s an odd ending to the story about the rescue of Ritz. And my oh my, Jinx, what big eyes you have…!

    1. I wish we could find out what happened to him during those years. I think if he was trusting of people, he had to have had at least some good experiences.

  3. Can this cat see? I have a friend that had a cat with these big eyes. It had juvenile glaucoma and was blind.
    Note, I’d rather have a blind cat as Mayor than many a US politician

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