Still eating. . .

April 25, 2022 • 10:00 am

I can tell already that our days are so packed with sightseeing that I’ll have little time to write posts and put up photos. We have two days at sea soon, so I’ll try to catch up.

Today we are at Las Palmas in Gran Canaria island, and have a whole-day trip, including a visit to “Christopher Columbus’s House,” which must have been where he stayed on his trip. I will take pictures, but am starting to realize that most will be posted after my return.

So have some food. Lunch today will be at Gabinete Literario in town, a “historical local restaurant in the Vengueta-Triana area.

Dinner is very fancy on the ship; apparently they brought in a big-name chef aboard, and it shows.

La carte:

Chickpea and lentil salad (a bit bland, but what do you expect?). The goat cheese definitely improved it.

Rack of lamb dijonnaise. Excellent!

Varhoina chocolate tart (many of these dishes are assembled at a table in the dining room. This was spectacular (desserts are the best!), and that’s a cylindrical chocolate-soaked biscuit to the right.

I decided to have a relatively healthy breakfast: coffee and avocado toast with a poached egg:

On to Las Palmas!

19 thoughts on “Still eating. . .

  1. Let it be known, henceforth, and across the lands, PCC(E) has accepted the Avocado Toast.

    ^^^ I kid I kid! I like avocado toast – its just that its THAT kind of a comestible – a fad, perhaps. I don’t know – it gained some sort of buzz in recent years.

    1. I resisted avocado toast for years as it’s a Gen Z thing (or something), and because Lori Loughlin’s daughter eats it every day. But it’s good! Now I often mash up an avocado with some mayo and spread it on bread for a lunch sandwich at work.

      1. Oh, is that the deal – oof – I hereby, forthwith, and henceforth, renounce my approval of avocado toast!

        ^^^also humor.

        [ resumes entirely humorless commenting mode ]

  2. How’s your internet access at sea? I’m surprised ships aren’t on top of this. They charge for it and equipment size and weight shouldn’t be an issue. Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite service should be good in such situations but I’m not sure they’ve made it available for ships yet.

    1. Starlink wil only be any good at sea once they’ve got relaying between satellites implemented. At the moment, you can only bounce off one satellite to a ground station.

      Anyway, as long as nobody cares about latency, there are already plenty of satellite internet services available. Internet connectivity should not be a problem on a modern cruise ship.

      1. Musk is promising it by mid-year. Of course, he promises stuff all the time. Also notable, he’s signed his first deal for internet service on airplanes. Still, that doesn’t mean it has been delivered.

  3. During your visits to Tenerife and Gran Canaria, did you get a chance to see the blue chaffinches? (note space after first “a”)? Although already known to be endemic to Tenerife and Gran Canaria, the species has recently been further reclassified into two distinct species, each endemic to its respective island. The Gran Canaria species is now one of the endangered birds in the world. They are one of the birds I would most love to see.

    1. No! I didn’t go on the National Park trip in Tenerife because I wanted to see the towns, but I don’t think they saw one, We don’t do any natural history stuff in Gran Canaria, sadly.

  4. Life aboard has changed over the years. Is there a dress code for the dining rooms and various meals? Or just don’t be a shlump?

  5. Should one deduce from the menu that you have to pay extra for your glass of wine with your dinner? And if so, $8 a glass for the house wine strikes me as a bit steep.

    Still, the food looks amazing!

  6. Way OT :

    Interested parties would like to know the Musky one bought Tw1773r for US $44b – a few minutes ago, AFAIK.

    Thought I’d note as FYI. With not enough acronyms or bowdlerizations.

  7. I spent a month on Gran Canaria in the late 80s. It was very relaxing and quiet, except for the beaches, which were inhabited by naked Scandinavians. I took a very memorable bike ride from Las Palmas up and around the caldera. Absolutely a once in a lifetime experience.
    The port still had traditional whaleboats all over the place, very much of the type used by US whalers in the mid 19th century. Having spent time studying their construction and use, even building wooden models of them, it was astounding to be walking along and just see them just laying around on the Isleta.

    But I admit I covet the meals you are posting about.

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