I have landed again!

April 24, 2022 • 1:21 pm

It was a long day sightseeing in Tenerife, and I have many pictures from today, much less the pictures from the Botanical Garden yesterday. But I’m exhausted and we have just boarded after crossing the island to the port city of Santa Cruz (indicated in red):

My cabin. A lovely old-style one with a sea view.

Le bain. No bidet, but all requisites for la toilette.

Now I will show you my lunch (I can’t remember the name. It was in a fancy restaurant outside of Puerto de la Cruz. I can’t remember the name, but the lunch card looks as if was on the ship (it wasn’t). The restaurant was in an antique mansion and I’ll put up more later

The appetizer was okay, but the “seasonal fruits” were not a good idea.

Main course: Very good. Salmorejo sauce apears to be an Andalusian tomato-based sauce, but with many variations (here’s a simple version).

Dessert. It was good; there are not a million possible variations of a brownie and vanilla ice cream, and all of them were good. The one was, too.

With the meal we had a Spanish white (a verdejo), and a temperanillo, one of the grapes of Rioja.


16 thoughts on “I have landed again!

  1. I passed through Tenerife several times in the 1990s on my way to the international observatory on La Palma, and I have many happy memories of those trips, including some truly excellent restaurants on both islands.

    I see that your lunch featured Canarian potatoes. On La Palma, at least, the style was to boil them in very salty water, so they had a light covering of salt when they were served.

  2. Do I read the dictionary correctly that Tenerife is pronounced “ten er eff”… especially the “rife” part is like “ref” in football…?

  3. I’ve never seen such a yellow vanilla, and I know you don’t touch-up your photos, but was it really that yellow? Nice. Europe (and I’m throwing the Canary islands into that category…) are oh, so good at making what we call ‘ice cream’.

    Re. the appetizer. Are you saying the seasonal fruits weren’t good/ripe? I couldn’t tell from the photo what fruit they served. Serrano ham though, never had a bad slice of that, with or w/o fruit. A rendition of prosciutto and melon I suppose, In which case, the melon (or other fruit) needs to be on point- obviously, it wasn’t.

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