Hili dialogue failed to launch today. It’s up now.

April 11, 2022 • 5:31 pm

For some reason although I scheduled today’s Hili dialogue for 6:30 this morning, it didn’t go up, and I was just notified now by reader Jez.  I don’t know what happened, but you can find it here or by clicking on the screenshot below.  Do read it if you have time; I’d hate to have wasted all that effort!

Also, if you notice something way out of the norm like this, do email me ASAP.

18 thoughts on “Hili dialogue failed to launch today. It’s up now.

  1. Actually, I received it this morning about the usual time. As did some others, based upon comments they posted.

    On the other hand, my friend Scott Moody forwarded your post about the Ivory-billed Woodpecker paper. And I am yet to have it appear in my inbox. Strange.

  2. I likewise got it early this morning. Or, as our daughter would write when she was just learning, the smorning.

  3. I got mine this morning!
    Best way to start my day. Hili dialogue and strong coffee and that’s all I need to get going.

  4. No problem here Jerry. I was up an hour later this morning but but i was surely reading about fondue and the Wren Building by 0800 eastern time.

  5. I read the Hili Dialogue this morning that was not sent out –

    [ large gasp ]
    [ hands on face ]




    Burma Shave

    (Sorry its late, I’m having a laugh)

  6. I read it at around 12.30pm BST which was actually a little earlier than I expected. While you were down in the Antarctic, the timing was a little erratic for obvious reasons, but before that I was receiving an RSS notification at about 1.30pm BST

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