March 1, 2022 • 1:24 pm

Professional as they are, Hurtigruten whisked us from the airport in Santiago to the local chartered flight to Punta Arenas, then to the boat for a PCR rest, and, after a 3.25-hour flight , I and most passengers are at the tip of Chile, leaving tonight at 8 or 9 p.m.

I have been given a very spiffy passenger cabin, and I’ll try to attach photos. This will see if I have to spend tons of time downsizing pictures to post.

View from the desk:

View from the bed:

And. . . my BALCONY! I can watch whales and porpoises without leaving my room!

I didn’t downsize the photos much, and I’m using the crew internet, which is faster than the one for passengers (it’s unlimited internet, too). Looks like photos are coming through fine, which means I can show you some stuff I see along the way.

However, we’re still in port, and things may get a bit more dicey as we head across the Drake Passage to Antarctica.

26 thoughts on “Aboard!

  1. Great that you are settled in a comfortable cabin Jerry. I look forward to your Antartica posts. Safe travels.

  2. Brilliant cabin! Looking froward to news of your Antarctic adventure.

    My partner Barbara wants to know the name of your ship, as she sailed on the Fram to Greenland as part of her maiden voyage many years ago.

    1. It’s the Roald Amundsen, a big ship but the number of passengers are depleted because of Covid. I wanted to go on the Fram, as it makes one voyage to South Georgia, but they didn’t put me on it this year.

  3. Delighted for you that this adventure is coming together. Looking forward to your reports as the trip progresses. Stay safe.

    1. Well, study biology really hard, get a phd, become a professor at a top university, retire, get a gig lecturing on a cruise ship! Et viola! 😎

  4. Great cabin! Looking forward to the photos of the bars, restaurants, clubs, cabaret, etc, etc.

    But seriously, have a wonderful trip, and share what you learn as generously as you always do.

    1. Thanks for recommendation. I’m on a small island in W. Indies (Nevis) and love nothing more than reading about frigid conditions whilst lying on a hot beach.

  5. Wow! This is all so exciting! Thanks for the vicarious voyage you’re affording your readers. I’m especially looking forward to the wildlife you see, your encounters with Chileans and others who live where you’re traveling, and your impressions of the ship’s crew and how they love/hate/handle their quite interesting jobs. Thanks for sharing all the details. I haven’t been to Houston airport in ages and as I live in a busy urban area (DC) with 3 int’l airports, I was intrigued at some of the tech improvements Houston made that aren’t existent in DC/Baltimore area.

  6. It’s a much nicer cabin than you had last time! And a balcony! Very cool indeed. I’m so looking forward to the pics.

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