Two baby tigers are born!

January 19, 2022 • 1:45 pm

It’s time for some relaxation. Tomorrow is Go for a Walk Day but I’m going to do this now. But I want you to see this video of a mother tiger (I don’t know the zoo or sanctuary) giving birth to two babies. It all turns out okay, but there’s a bit of suspense. At any rate, you get to see baby tigers being born!

It’s fascinating that a mother tiger who’s never had cubs knows exactly what to do: open the amniotic sack and lick the hell out of the baby to get it to start breathing. Those behaviors are surely encoded in the DNA, for of course any mother who didn’t do those things wouldn’t leave viable cubs. But I digress . . .. . watch two birthdays.

Oh, be sure to listen for the cries of the newborns.

9 thoughts on “Two baby tigers are born!

  1. I would give just about anything in the world to be the keeper who she trusted enough to let pet her after that. That man must have the world’s best job. And he gets to see those cubs grow up too. Thank you for posting that. The short time where the first cub wasn’t breathing was awful, but how wonderful to see his beautiful mother calmly keep licking. That was the best thing I’ve seen all day.

    1. No, but my wife almost got eaten by her boyfriend’s pet cougar. Well, not exactly his cougar. The cougar belonged to a stripper that he knew professionally….and we’ll just leave that story there.

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