Send in your Christmas cats!

December 22, 2021 • 3:36 pm

Yes, I’m going to post only minimally on Christmas, as I have to get out of town before I’m apprehended as a Jesus-killer.  But I’d like to post pictures of readers’ cats with a Christmas theme (in front of a tree, with their presents, etc.) If you have one of these, and we get a dozen or so, I’ll put up a Christmas Caturday post (Christmas is on Caturday).

Don’t forget to say a few words about your kitty, and include its name. And if you don’t have a picture at the moment, take one! (Remember, it must have a Christmas theme.) And please, only one photo per moggy.

Send ’em in NOW please.

—The management

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  1. why the ” killer of Jesus” ? Collective and intergenerational responsibility and hostage-taking of innocent people is a very American but totally immoral perspective.It must end once and for all.

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