25,005 posts!

November 27, 2021 • 2:15 pm

I just glanced at the dashboard, and saw that this post is number 25,005. That means that this morning’s Hili Dialogue was post #25,000! That is a buttload of posts, and had somebody told me in January, 2009 that a website aiming to give a bit of new evidence for evolution once every two weeks or so would turn into a hydra that never stopped growing heads—and not just heads dealing with evolution—I would have laughed. What a long, strange trip it’s been.

The post before this one:

55 thoughts on “25,005 posts!

  1. That is about 5 to 6 posts a day, isn’t it? Crazy! I googled ‘most prolific blogger’ (for that is the word those people use) and hit upon Darren Murph who, it seems, has not been as prolific.

  2. Congratulations! How many readers’ comments? (Excluding my inane ones would take the total down considerably, I suspect.)

    1. 1,195,599 comments. They are dropping over time, as I’ve mentioned before–perhap because more readers are reading it in emails, or perhaps because,. . . . well, I don’t like to think of that.

      1. Wow, that’s impressive- as is the convivial tone of the discourse below the line, another achievement to be heartily celebrated.

  3. Wow…and it’s not like your posts are brief or banal. Keep ’em coming! WEIT has been such a fun part of my everyday life for years, and I hope it continues well into the future.

  4. Here I am every morning with my coffee in hand. Congratulations and thank you for the time and effort WEIT requires.

  5. Congratulations on this terrific accomplishment. As a regular reader I am constantly amazed at the reading, research and writing that you do everyday across such diverse fields to bring us this website. And the general high level of discourse among the commenters brings even more food for thought each day. Like others above, it is pretty much the first reading I do when 0730 ET arrives after filling time before that with the local obits (to make sure I am not listed) and starting the daily print edition of Wapo. Thank you for founding and continuing this very high level of content.

      1. I like to see my name in print….seriously jerry, the infotmation that you bring to all readers and elicit from commenters is really wonderful. And over a million comments!

      2. That’s testing a different thing. If you are looking for your own name in the obituaries, you are checking to make sure that people don’t wrongly think you’re dead.

        Reports of my death etc etc.

      1. Argh! I forgot two – Leon and Mietek Mea culpa maxima. And not forgetting Honey and the other mallards of Botany Pond, of course…

  6. My first reading every day, too. Sorry to have missed most of the first 25,000. You are so prolific I can’t go back to see what I missed, else I’ll get hopelessly behind on the new ones.

    1. But I did go back to the beginning and read your letter to Charles Darwin in 2009. Surely everyone else has.

  7. Goodness lorb!

    Congratulations. I’ve been appreciating them since close to the beginning, and I think they make up a paragon of a house in this worldwide neighbourhood called the Web.

  8. As others have indicated as well, this is number one on my daily read. I read the local newspaper, then WEIT, then maybe the Washington Post. It’s difficult to assess how much of what I know is from this source, but it is substantial.

  9. You are a treasure, indeed, and your daily bloggs amazing for their breadth and depth. As a New Zealander, remote from much of the goings on in USA, you provide vital information and opinion on politics, science and current fads there otherwise hidden from us (ie by our local media!). Thankyou.

  10. Fantastic and congratulations – your efforts are appreciated. For the past five years or so I’ve enjoyed it every day. Thank you!
    D.A., J.D.

  11. So glad I found you this year. Congratulations! I check you out before any Canadian news. Amazing contributions you have made.

  12. Aw shucks, I wasn’t asking for approbation, but reporting a figure. But I appreciate the kind words and I certainly won’t eschew them! And, as someone pointed out above, a huge portion of the success of this site is due to the readers, who are intelligent, thoughtful, knowledgeable, funny, and civil.

  13. Congratulations, Jerry. I’ve been following from very early on and love both the posts and the comments.

    With reference to the Word That Must Not Be Spoken, I just copied this quote from your second ever post (my emphasis):

    Welcome to the new blog for Why Evolution is True; the book is out today (January 22). As often as I can I’ll be posting on new developments in evolutionary biology that are relevant to the book, as well other evolution-related news. The link to buy the book is of course on this website!

    Just sayin’ 😀

  14. Dr. Coyne:

    25,000, what an amazing accomplishment! Your blog is my first go to on the topic of evolutionary biology, and the major social events of the day. Your depth of knowledge on both the aforementioned topics is astoundingly impressive as are the responses to various topics of many of your followers. I learn something relevant from this blog everyday. I congratulate you and wish you many additional years of educating those you have come to admire you.

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