Yep, it’s the full moon!

November 5, 2021 • 9:10 am

One more piece of lunacy just came into my mailbox, and this time I’ll give the URL as I consider it close to a threat.  It’s in response to a pretty innocuous post, “Once again the Left dines on its own: the demonization of Gal Gadot“, showing the anti-Israeli opprobrium that descended on Gal Gadot (who was in the IDF) when she posted a picture of an American anti-gun demonstration.

This is from author “Israel are nazis” who seems to be (as many of these folks are) grammatically challenged. (IP address:,

Hey Jerry Coyne, you’re a nazi piece of shit, did you know that? I’ve reported your hate mongering lies to anti hate groups. Hope you hear from them soon, child murderer. People like you should suffer the same fate as the plestinians : harrassed, hounded, tortured, murdered and thrown in a fucking sewer.

The usual bad spelling, too: I love “plestinians”!

Another day, another anti-Semite comes out of the woodwork. I am curious, though, which children I have murdered.

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  1. “Close to a threat”? You have more equanimity than I would. Glad you have courage. It is a threat.

        1. The only surprise is that it wasn’t in ALL CAPS. The first IP address seems to belong to someone in Grenoble in France.

          1. Well, we know how much the French love Jews. They showed that by having their very own citizens arrest and send off to die their fellow Jewish citizens under the Vichy regime. Over 13,000 in just two days at one point, rounded up all by their fellow French citizens, nearly every single one dying in Auschwitz.. And that was just two days!

  2. I often think how lucky I am to not have a large following. It would be physically draining having to deal with these types of people, their comments, and their emails.

  3. I love “plestinians” too. I was racking my brain in trying to come up with a name for an otherworldly people I’m writing a story about. Now I have it. Thanks, lunatic!

  4. These far left, woke extremists probably generated the two close gubernatorial elections, and will probably give the Republicans what they need to gin up enough fear in middle of the road voters so that we lose both the House and Senate in 2022 and the Presidency in 2024. Here’s hoping for a miracle change of course by Democrats, but not seeing this as likely! Old Joe is just not tough enough.

  5. “… you should suffer the same fate as the plestinians : harrassed, hounded, tortured, murdered and thrown in a fucking sewer.”

    To be fair, that it was Hamas does to a lot of them!

    I’d love it if people like this gave even 1/1,000,000 a shit about the people in, maybe, Yemen? You know, the several hundred thousand who have been killed in the last six years, by a coalition of Muslim theocracies? And several million displaced, starving, and homeless? It would make me think that maybe, just maybe, all this anti-Israel zeal came from a place of caring about suffering, rather than rank antisemitisim.

  6. I too was charmed to learn about the plestinians. Notice that their first letter is not capitalized, as part of the struggle against capitalism. However, they should have been listed as plestiniansx, like the latinx, a usage now so conventional that it appears regularly in University bulletins. BTW, have Canadians, who tend to imitate US fads, yet begun to refer to “First Nationsx”?

    1. Traditionally we have always been 10 years behind so I haven’t seen it yet. But with new-fangled technology it’s hard to tell if fads even slow down at the border, much less stop these days. We have our own indigenization fads involving more than terminal letters, as do Americans.

      Am I correct that “Latinx” is just a gender-neutral way of avoiding to have to use the clumsy “Latin- o/-a” in print? Or is there some attempt to capture multiple genders here that I’m missing? Neither “Latino” nor “Hispanic” has any currency in Canada that I can tell to begin with, which puts me completely off soundings.

      1. Some Spanish writers use spellings like “amig@s” as an “inclusive” alternative to the traditional masculine/feminine “amigos/amigas” versions.

  7. When I read your quoted paragraph, the first thing I thought when I came across the the word plestinians was “Damn, another word I don’t know. I’ll have to look it up.” Thank you for including the explanation that it was meant to be Palestinians.

  8. Maybe all send buttons should be frozen on days with a full moon. And perhaps the send buttons of young haters should be frozen until those youngsters acquire some sense and humanity.

  9. While saddened by some behavior of some people in Israel, I’m past the point where I’m ashamed to be an American. I regret the slanderous disrespect against you written by any members of my semi-literate “Fellow Citizens”. Perhaps the children some FunnyMentalists would accuse you of murdering are those never conceived because you chose not to cause them? Some of those idiots contend that “every sperm is sacred”, and those you and I have chosen to let die and be recycled within our bodies have not been added to the overpopulation and thus not been made available for abuse by parents, governments, religions, and other authoritarians.

  10. Regarding the child killing, she is probably referring to the classic antisemitic “blood libel.” Sadly, this dangerous nonsense may never go away.

    1. “Sadly, this dangerous nonsense may never go away.”

      The internet has pretty much guaranteed that. Sad and scary.

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