11 thoughts on “Video camera falls out of plane, lands in pig pen

  1. Totally off topic, but perhaps some kindly American could explain the background to “Let’s go Brandon” and why it’s trending all over Twitter?

    1. Wikipedia has an article (surprise, surprise). Apparently the phrase is a euphemism for the chant “Fuck Joe Biden” – it’s in the news because a pilot on a commercial flight recently used it, and some passengers were aware of its history. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Let%27s_Go_Brandon

      That’s amazing camera footage – I presume it’s genuine, but am happy to be corrected.

    2. There has been a lot of chanting “F Joe Biden” at public events for the last couple of months. Especially at college football games.
      They did so at a Nascar race, during a network broadcast, and the reporter tried to claim it was “lets go Brandon”.
      So, within a few days, people started to do the “Brandon” chant, probably to be funny. This enrages the leftists, like a lot of things, which just encourages it.

  2. I hate to be the skeptic, but why would the video show two views of the surroundings in the same frame? Something about this doesn’t look right . . . but, I’m no expert . . . or pig farmer, so I don’t know. Still skeptical, though.

    There’s footage of a GoPro falling from 12,500 feet, and it never looks like this. Rather, this seems like someone’s attempts to copy that look . . . but then, it doesn’t have a pig at the end.

    But, OK . . . let’s enjoy it until someone debunks it.

    1. It looked to me as if the camera began its fall tumbling uncontrollably, but then (from 23 seconds until impact) achieved a stable state where it was spinning very fast. I suspect that the “double view” you’re referring to may be a strobe effect which is an artefact of the frame rate of the camera combined with the processing that YouTube performs after you upload a video.

    2. It’s the stabilization that surprised me. It implies a stable single axis of rotation for (what seems to me) a relatively long time.

      No expert here, that’s for sure, but it seems improbable to me that the camera falling achieves a “spin equilibrium”, if you will.

      I suppose it could be, depending on the shape of the camera, a serendipitously and unintended aerodynamic design that would be difficult to achieve on purpose.

  3. At the end, the pig is clearly trying to nom the video camera, which, if successful, would have provided some even more interesting footage!

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