ZeFrank: True facts about the mosquito

October 25, 2021 • 1:30 pm

Matthew sent me the tweet below, which of course compelled me to go see ZeFrank’s new video (also below). It’s a long one (17 minutes), but is superb—full of biological facts that show the diversity of mosquito behavior, and with unbelievably good photography.  While some of the jokes are a bit off-color, I can’t see that showing this to a class in middle school or high school would be offensive.

Do watch the whole thing; you’ll be much enlightened. (There’s a short ad in the middle.) I was. Just the way the mosquitoes bite is fantastic: their multipart mouthparts and the ability of the “needle” that sucks blood to actually search around under the skin to find a juicy capillary.

11 thoughts on “ZeFrank: True facts about the mosquito

  1. Makes one not hate mosquitos quite as much. I wonder if there is anything that can do that for the most miserable of all horror-show creatures: ticks.

      1. I’ve probably seen it along the way and just didn’t come away with any sympathy or respect for the icky little monsters.

  2. I always wondered how they are beneficial other than as food for bats and dragonflies. I did not know that they are pollinators.

    I still prefer butterflies and bees, though.

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