Tuesday: Duck report

September 21, 2021 • 8:00 am

This will count as readers’ wildlife as I have little time for posting in Cambridge. We have, in fact, the latest duck report from Botany Pond as conveyed by the faithful members of Team Duck who send me daily reports.

The mallards are slowly leaving, and we are down to eight “regulars”: 7 females and a male. These include Draco (the evil drake who won’t let the hens eat), HONEY, my sweet hen who is here for the fifth year, a duck that we think is Dorothy, but whose bill I must check upon returning to be sure, Cyndi, a duck who is very tame and will eat out of our hands (Honey is starting to do this again, too), Mona, a duck with one bad eye who can see food only on her right side (we are taking special care of her) and three unnamed hens.

They have been enjoying the lovely weather in Chicago and are disporting themselves in the water. Here they are diving, zooming, and flying in their usual postprandial display. (Video by Jean Greenberg.)

4 thoughts on “Tuesday: Duck report

    1. Thanks for update. They are all going to be leaving before long aren’t they. I was wondering if you people know where the closest staging area is for the ducks.

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