Jack the Cat improving rapidly, takes a short walk!

September 21, 2021 • 10:00 am

On my post about Jack the Cat two days ago, you probably thought he was in pretty bad shape—and he was. He had taken a very bad fall.

But he’s an intrepid moggie, and yesterday took a pretty substantial walk (vet’s advice), even putting weight on his injured front paw. A report from his staff:

We both think it’s a great tribute to Jack and his misadventure. It’s wonderful to have friends, family and strangers rooting for his recovery.

He started eating better yesterday and he’s up to walking around the house (short periods of time, no jumping) a couple of times a day. See attached video.

Go Jack! I am going over to visit him and his staff this morning, and hope to put up more photos on this post later on today.

15 thoughts on “Jack the Cat improving rapidly, takes a short walk!

  1. From the video it appears that Jack is making incredible progress. You’re right — he’s intrepid! Looking forward to more good news.

  2. Glad to see he’s out of the collar. Any time any of mine have had to wear that, they’ve HATED it, and as soon as it comes off they progress much more rapidly.

    Go Jack!!


  3. It’s wonderful to hear about (and see) Jack’s progress–that brightens my day. Maybe he would like a bit of catnip as well? I hope he will not be allowed on the balcony again. Please continue the updates.

    1. “I hope he will not be allowed on the balcony again.” – At least not without a Botany Pond-style duck trampoline!

  4. I’m so pleased with Jack’s progress! When you visit him, please give him a scratch under the chin from me…

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