13 thoughts on “Afternoon time-wasting: Beaver chews through tree limb

        1. Haha, perhaps. I always thought of beavers being highly motivated and don’t need external validation, but maybe they need a little now and then. Hopefully he won’t check out how many likes his video has and base his worth on that from now on.

  1. Really amazing to get a video of that when it happens. Usually do most of their work at night. Appeared to be a cottonwood or similar soft wood. I don’t want to take anything away from the beaver as they know what trees to go after. Willow along the river is their favorite. They will cut dozens of small willows and drag them back to the den for eating later.

  2. Seems like mostly lower jaw grinding with top teeth getting the grip. The sound is very soporific (sawing logs..)

  3. Chainsaw’s faster—but not that much!

    Had to watch right through to see if he or she needed to duck at the end. I’ve had two friends seriously injured while logging.

  4. While it may be fun to dump on the New York Times, you can’t help but be awed when they come up with the story like this:
    A Battle Between a Great City and a Great Lake https://nyti.ms/3xpqH5V

    Incredibly well researched. Wonderfully written. Covering a multitude of subjects including climate change, urban planning, water, and more. While in Chicago, Alden feasts on the rotting corpse of the Tribune.

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