Spot the cat!

March 30, 2021 • 8:00 am

Here’s a tortoiseshell cat named Lion from Paws Planet. Her staff, Avery Shrader, sent in a “regular photo” of her (top), and the a photo in which she’s reclining on a pile of leaves. Can you spot Lion in the second photo?

Spot the cat! Answer at noon Chicago time. (I’d rate this one as “difficult.”)


8 thoughts on “Spot the cat!

  1. I spotted the right eye, thought it was the left eye and thought I was viewing the cat’s head side on and then I suddenly realised there were two eyes and I was looking at the cat’s face.

  2. It was odd how I spotted the fur right off the bat, but whe zoomed in on the fur I couldn’t really see what I was looking at. Until suddenly my brain made her face appear as if by magic!

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