Caturday felid trifecta: Human plays piano for cats; cat park in Colombia; bag of kittens mistaken for a bomb; and lagniappe

March 13, 2021 • 9:20 am

It’s Saturday, and that means Caturday. Here’s an article from The Mary Sue (click on screenshot) about a Turkish man who not only rescues stray cats, but serenades them on the piano—with original compositions!

An excerpt:

Duman is a Turkish pianist who has made it his life’s work to rescue abandoned street cats and in turn steal our hearts. He has about 19+ cats and they all love one thing: sarper playing piano for them while they laze about.

And he doesn’t play just any songs, either. Duman spends his time composing original pieces that his feline friends can enjoy. In a way, it’s therapy for the cats, who have had a hard life. But it’s also a way for Duman to practice self care of the daily. Why? Because about 10 years ago, Duman was in crisis, and according to a Facebook video profile, he found himself in a park one day, and a stray cat made his way over Duman and into his life.

There are five videos, and I’ll show two:

And here are Fevzi and Melahat enjoying a tune:
Author Lyra Hale adds this:

Make sure to follow [Duman] on Instagram and Twitter for more quality cat videos that put the cats and viewers into a state of calm like nothing I’ve experienced before!


From CNN; Click on screenshot:

An excerpt:

Sheriff’s deputies in Ohio were called when a suspicious bag was found outside of a church, but what was inside was not what they were expecting.

Upon opening the “suspicious package” on Thursday, the bomb unit from the Butler County Sheriff’s Office discovered a cat and her six adorable 1-day-old kittens. “When Specialist Mike Grimes and Det. Detherage arrived, they didn’t hear ticking they heard purring!” the sheriff’s office said in a Facebook post.

Along with the family of felines, was a handwritten message written on a paper napkin stating that “Sprinkles” went into labor the day before.

“Mom’s name is Sprinkles. She began giving birth at 2:00 p.m. Wed. Feb. 17th,” according to the note.

Here’s Sprinkles in the “suspicious package” (I wonder if the person who called the police was actually the person abandoning Sprinkles.)

And the contents:

Finally, the good news: they’re going to be adopted:

The sheriff’s office took the cat and her kittens to the Animal Friends Humane Society in Hamilton where they are “warm, cozy and fed.”

The animal shelter said in a Facebook post on Friday that the kittens received baths when they arrived because they were soaked in their mother’s urine.

“Sprinkles, purring throughout it all, received her vaccines and blood test and appears to be in good health,” according to the shelter’s post. “She’s doing a fantastic job nursing and caring for her babies, and all 7 will be placed with their foster family this afternoon.”

The shelter plans to provide regular updates on Sprinkles and her kittens on Facebook as they grow and mature over the next two months.

If you go to this Facebook post, you’ll see a video of Sprinkles—possibly named for peeing all over her kittens—nursing them all, and seven more photos.

This just goes to show: If you see something, say something!  


A reader informed me that “there is a cat park in Cali, Colombia, with assorted interesting cat sculptures.”  You can read about the Parque El Gato De Tejada in Wikipedia, AtlasObscura, or Tripfreakz.

Parque del Gato, from the creator of a giant bronze cat sculpture, Hernando Tejada. The giant sculpture, called El Gato Rio – the River Cat, was erected on the banks of Cali River in 1996. El Gato Rio was created in Bogota and transferred to Cali, which already sounds like an impossible feat – the giant cat is 3.5 meters tall and weighs 3 tons. In Cali, the sculpture became the centerpiece of the newly renovated park by the river.

Here’s El Gato del Rio. This huge moggie is accompanied by smaller sculptures; I’ll show a few below.

From Wikipedia:

In 2006, the city planned a revitalization project for the area, which included adding new sculptures near El Gato del Río by other artists. The project consisted of adding 15 new cat sculptures of the same size and shape but painted by different Colombian artists. These new cat sculptures became known as las novies del gato (“the cat’s girlfriends”). Famous Colombian artists contributed cats, including Maripaz Jaramillo, Roberto Molano, Diego Pombo, Cecilia Coronel, Pedro Alcántara, and Omar Rayo.

Today, there are more than 15 cat sculptures exhibited and some of these have been distributed throughout the city.

Some of Las Novies (photos by Tania M. Laden):


Lagniappe:  A video from AV Club:

Next month, big angry lizard Godzilla will once again face off against big angry monkey King Kong. For most of us, the prospect of watching the clash of these two skyscraper-sized monsters is exciting enough on its own. For JKK Films, though, a kaiju throwdown isn’t complete until it also features the destructive power of a way-too-big house cat.

As the video’s title makes clear, “I Put My Cat Wayne In The Godzilla Vs. Kong Trailer” gives us a vision of a monster movie where the struggle for dominance between lizard and ape is complicated by Wayne, a black cat that surveys its kingdom with impassive eyes. While we’ve seen clips that dare to imagine what it would be like to live in a world ruled over by enormous kitties before, Wayne’s entry into a glossy, CGI-filled landscape of exploding ships and neon-lit cities better shows the devastation his species could wreak if they were only a whole lot taller.

h/t: GInger K., Gregory, Martin

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  1. Great caturday! Your post a few months ago from Santiago where they look after the “public” cats reminded me of my time in Beirut, Lebanon, at the American U. of Beirut. There they have a large crowd of well looked after moggies roaming about – AUB even has a separate budget for their upkeep.
    I often travel to the Middle East with cat food to feed the sad strays I see there but there was no need at AUB – those AUB cats are all looked after. 🙂


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