Readers’ wildlife photos

February 17, 2021 • 8:00 am

Today sees the return of Colin Franks and his awesome photos of birds. Colin’s photography website is here, his Instagram site is here, and his Facebook page is here. IDs are his, and you can click on the photos to enlarge them.

His brief introduction: “Here are some recent shots with a winter theme.”

Pileated Woodpecker (Dryocopus pileatus):

Ring-necked Duck (Aythya collaris):

Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos):

Wood Duck (Aix sponsa):

Ring-necked Duck (Aythya collaris):

American Robin (Turdus migratorius):

Ruby-crowned Kinglet (Regulus calendula):

Pine Siskin (Spinus pinus):

Northern Flicker (Colaptes auratus):

Bushtit (Psaltriparus minimus):

House Finch (Haemorhous mexicanus):

Dark-eyed Junco (Junco hyemalis):

European Starling (Sturnus vulgaris):

Spotted Towhee (Pipilo maculatus):

Varied Thrush (Ixoreus naevius):


19 thoughts on “Readers’ wildlife photos

  1. Gorgeous photos Colin! Thanks for sharing these. It’s snowing in Minnesota this morning; but not so cold. Only -5°F this morning (-20°C). And, looking at the National Weather Service site this morning: There’s light at the end of the tunnel: 40°F (4°C) by early next week! Heat wave! 🙂

  2. Colin’s photos are always a treat. And now I know the name of a bird that has been frequenting our back porch: Spotted towhee. Lovely little bird.

  3. Thanks for the encouraging words everyone!
    I’m always reminded of their dinosaur lineage whenever I look at their feet; many appear to be taken from a T-rex.

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