A body-surfing duck!

January 30, 2021 • 1:15 pm

It’s my titular day off, so I’m leaving work before the big snow hits (Chicago’s expected to get 5 to 9 inches of “heavy wet snow”—more in places). I’ve put my car in the University garage so I won’t have to shovel it out.

But for your delight and entertainment, I append a wonderful video of “Duck” Australia’s famed surfing mallard. It’s a domestic Pekin variety, and I trust the salt water won’t harm him. This was featured by the BBC.

Only two more months till duck season begins again at Botany Pond! Will Honey return for her fifth season of duckling production? Put your guesses below.

h/t: Pyers

9 thoughts on “A body-surfing duck!

  1. This was great!! Most of the news is so bad (and getting worse) … it was very nice seeing this little guy enjoying the surf!

      1. Same here! She’s very attached to Jerry and his offerings.

        I wonder if the winter duck at the pond is Honey’s daughter. She’s got that little dark triangle in the corner of her beak where it meets the face. Honey has that too. I also wonder if it wouldn’t be worthwhile having an elevated duck nesting platform installed right next to the pond. Last year’s Great Leaps were far too dramatic and suspenseful. Some years ago, our local authorities had installed several platforms along the neighbourhood stream which feeds into a couple of ponds. But I’ve been too busy to watch for inhabitants.

        1. The University would definitely not accede to a request for nesting platforms (boxes would be better), as they would be unsightly as they would have to be put around the periphery of the pond.

          1. By platforms I meant raised nesting wooden boxes. Perhaps I misused the word platform because the whole thing is on tall poles. The ones I’ve seen have a few boxes grouped together, and the wood tones blend into the surroundings. Individual nest boxes would be better, but I can see that the overall effect would be different in a small, urban setting. Will have to take a fresh photo of the one near here, as my old pics are buried somewhere in my files.

  2. I was wrong in my prediction of Hillary and correct in my prediction of Biden. I don’t know why those are the two predictions that dictate my prediction abilities, but if so, I’m a 50/50 predicter. And as such, I predict Honey will be back and produce a baker’s dozen of ducklings.

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