Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ Q

January 20, 2021 • 9:15 am

Today’s Jesus and Mo strip, called “idiots,” came with the email note, “Let’s hope QAnon don’t give J&M any ideas.” The strip is the common case of the Divine Duo denigrating others and not seeing that they’re like the others.

It’s too late, though, as history already tells us that Mo was a pedophile.

5 thoughts on “Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ Q

  1. How much is Q a reformulation of some of those weird Catholic organizations, like eg Opus Dei? (I have absolutely no idea what OD is all about, that’s just as an example of the sorts of shadowy Catholic groups I meant – I was reminded of it recently in looking up the bkg on Robert Hanssen and hadn’t yet tried to look into what they’re all about).

    Otherwise, I think Lady Gaga had just given the definitive performance of the Star Spangled Banner.

    1. No. Q is an all-American creation of right-wing Protestants like Alex Jones, who sees himself as part of the patriot movement fighting the New World Order. Traditionalist Catholics have little in common with them ideologically and (what is in my opinion more important) demographically. They would for instance never believe they have the right to overthrow the US government, since they believe that even an unjust ruler is entitled to their taxes and obedience.

  2. Jerry,
    I think the demand for these sorts of cartoons is driven by people who lack the evidence for the claims being made. Evidence from scholars who have spent their careers studying the facts about the religion of Islam and its history and have reputations for integrity to protect. So in the absence of serious evidence they leverage the misinformation that is already out there. I expect this sort of behavior from chauvinists and fundamentalists from among the Buddhists, Hindu, Jews and Christians but not from people who claim a commitment to reason and evidence where-ever it may lead. Very disappointing.

    1. LOL, I love Pecksniffs like you who come over here and tell me that I should pay attention to the SERIOUS claims of Islam: “facts about the religion of Islam.” What are the facts? Facts about its history or about the “factuality” of its beliefs? The facts are that many, many Muslims have the same kind of delusional beliefs as does QAnon, and on just as little evidence (i.e., none). Theologians can’t produce any of that evidence, either. Jesus and Mo are making fun of the delusions.

      BTW, I’ve read a lot more Islamic scholarship than most biologists, and the entire Qur’an to boot.

      Your “disappointment” amuses me greatly. But because you’re so disappointed, I’ve just made it possible for you not to have to express it again over here. Comments like yours are at once fatuous and risible. I also note that you have used three different posting names and two differ IP addresses. Changing posting names is a banning offense by itself, since it indicates you’re trying to evade moderation. Too bad!

  3. Every able person is on the spectrum of believing the mild to the outrageous imo, I’ve been caught out in the form of a scam. Lucky it was just a mild scrap in the end.
    Fortunately my radar like many has detected religion and flown over the top of THAT turbulent curse.

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