Bill Clinton isn’t wearing his mask right: photos from the Inauguration

January 20, 2021 • 10:00 am

I’m watching the Inauguration at the link I provided, and so far it’s surprisingly moving.  Joe and Kamala are looking good, and all the living former Presidents are there—save Carter, who’s way old, and the petulant Tr*mp.  But Bill Clinton isn’t wearing his mask right! It’s below his schnoz! What kind of example is he setting?

The Obamas!

The future Vice President and the Second Man. She’s wearing my favorite color, purple, in both coat and dress.

And the Prez and Jill:

Lady Gaga sings the National Anthem:

Our first woman Vice President!

And. . . . Joe is now President!

79 thoughts on “Bill Clinton isn’t wearing his mask right: photos from the Inauguration

    1. Carter is 96 years old. His health is frail. And then the pandemic.

      PS: I wish that he lives for four more years to see the presidency of Kamala Harris. 🙂

      1. Why can no one sing your national anthem straight without all the scooped notes & warbled grace notes?!

        Rather a lot of god in that speech…

        1. I automatically mute any “singing” of the anthem any more, though I will listen when the recording of Robert Merrill is played before Yankee games.

          1. It is the influence of gospel, R & B, & related black music perhaps, where to me it is appropriate as part of the style. Just not in this context…

        2. It’s a hard anthem to sing. I think she did a really good job and I couldn’t help but remember that time Rosanne Barr sang it at a ball game and deliberately did it horribly and everyone got mad.

          1. I didn’t hear the bedbugs this time. Maybe that musical style has something going for it.

            Our anthem, Diana, unfortunately is infinitely worse, from the musical point of view!

        3. A lot of god all over today, disappointingly. Do these things usually start with Mass? I was like: “WTF? Shouldn’t you be cleaning up the mess over the road old man, rather than reciting iron age fairy tales?”
          I remember in Obama’s 2008: “….people of all faiths and people of NO faith.”
          And we fell in love.

  1. Not sure why ol’ Bill wouldn’t want to have his mask over his nose…it’s cold! A tiny bit blustery, and we’re getting some flakes. Days like today, I’m kinda glad facial coverings are the social norm.

    1. He has almost certainly had the vaccine, and feels that wearing the mask is mostly performative at this point.

  2. Great day for all you ‘Mericans (and the rest of the free world). Congratulations! Wonderful ceremony and all! The whole place looks terrific and the President and VP and spouses, the Obamas and most of the attendees look radiant and joyful, and perhaps much relieved. The speeches are great. They shouldn’t bother to do the huggy bit coz COVID.

    (Is it me or does Lady G. sorta thinks this is about her? Why must she wear all those flounces at such an auspicious occasion?

    1. Not sure how self-centered she might be, but the over-the-top fashion sense is her schtick. Like Elton John. You should see what she wore for Queen Elizabeth.

      1. Yeah she was actually tamely dressed for this. I thought she could trip coming down those stairs. I was more distracted by JLo’s choice in jewellery.

        1. On a related note, where Prof CC(E) sees Mrs Harris dressed in purple, I see two shades of blue. Michelle Obama’s coat looks purple to me. Is my ‘male colour blindness’ getting worse?

            1. Me too. 🙂

              I was once on a dance team, trained for months for a big competition, it was even televised on a local station. The night of the competition as I was getting dressed for our 1st performance (a disco number) someone opened the curtain to my dressing cubicle and handed me a pair of giant platform shoes. All those months of practice we’d never worn anything like them. I could barely walk in them!

              I was scared, but you should have seen the look on my partner’s face when she saw me walking up to her in those things. In moments I’d be throwing and flipping her around in the air.

      2. Yeah, I know this is her thing, and maybe she was making out to be a flag waving in the wind, but if ever there was a time to tone it down just a bit, this was it. I have to go see what she wore for Liz. 🙂

    2. Not at all a fan of the usual LG with all that goes with her, but I thought she was decidedly dressed down from her usual. And I thought she delivered the best version of the Nat’l Anthem I’ve ever heard.

    3. I am a fan of at least some of her music, but I thought she looked as though she was going to announce the names of the tributes for the latest hunger games.

  3. A beautiful ceremony, and a great day for the U.S. I had multiple tabs open, and enjoyed the website changeover that occurred precisely at noon at . So reassuring to know we have grownups in charge of the nuclear codes, and so much else, of course.

    1. Yes same here. Amazing young poet. And Jennifer Lopez sang a terrific song. What a joyous occasion. Congratulations, America!

      1. Yes. Her poem and her delivery of it where quite moving. Brought a lump (or two) to my throat. And since there’s lots of fashion commentary in the comments, I thought her outfit was very nice too.

      1. Now is the winter of our discontent
        Made glorious summer by this sun of Biden;
        And all the clouds that lour’d upon our house
        In the deep bosom of the ocean buried.

      1. As the internet meme that went around in early November 2020 said: Live your life so that the whole world doesn’t dance in the streets when you lose your job.

  4. A very happy day for millions of Americans and many others from around the world. I wonder how much of it Tr*mp watched…you know he couldn’t resist.

      1. I’m sure they do on Airforce One, and he was probably in the air during the entire inauguration. But yes, soon he’ll be on the golf course 24/7.

  5. Honestly, the most appropriate song that keeps coming to my head watching today is “Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead.”

    Oh how fun it would have been if they’d pulled that song out with a big performance! 🙂

  6. i wonder how random and coincidental the first cartoon in today’s Far Side selection is?

    (No. I’m not going to copy and paste! Go see for yourself!)


  7. An ‘ imagination ‘ … … some will tell to me:
    … … this D A Y in re and f o r =
    = ALL of the people of the United States of America ?

    After a raping, this D A Y is, f i n a l l y,
    THE steaming hot waters’ cleansing away.


    1. Ms Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Justice, should have been
      ‘ allowed ‘ … … A L I V E … … should ‘ve been allowed
      this very DAY.


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