Interview with Horned Fur Hat Viking Guy (Jake Angeli)

January 13, 2021 • 2:15 pm

Somebody found an old interview (actually a monologue) with Jake Angeli, aka Jacob Chansley, aka QAnon Shaman, aka Hornéd Fur Hat Viking Guy. Angeli now has his very own Wikipedia page (it took me years to get one, but all he had to do is don a stupid hat, paint his face, and run into the Capitol!), and he’s been arrested for “knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority, and with violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds”.

The Shaman wouldn’t eat when he was in jail because the food wasn’t organic, but Wikipedia reports that now he’s getting his organic food. That’s because he’s very special. We love him, though he can’t spell “pedophile” (7:41).

I listened to the whole thing, but I doubt you’ll make it past one minute. He probably has a tinfoil hat under the fur one.

Also, watch out for pizza signs with devil horns on them.

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  1. Paedophile! The ‘ae’ is missing!

    These people think governments are clever & competent – the reality is they are crap at most things!

      1. You know well what I am saying! Whisper it!

        US spellings were deliberately altered to distance themselves from British English. These nutters are part of the same type of attitude. There is a deep strand of resentment in American culture & history it appears to me, this libertarianism, mistrust of authority & government. This is yet another cult, but one that can happily live alongside other cult practices like religions without conflict, as a graft.

        America’s hope lies in demographic change & education, I would suggest.

        “Americans have different ways of saying things. They say ‘elevator’, we say ‘lift’… they say ‘President’, we say ‘stupid psychopathic git.’”

        Alexei Sayle

        Oh & the article is being considered for deletion…

        1. This is why aluminum foil in the US is thicker than aluminium foil in the UK – the thickness compensates for the shortage of vowels.

          1. The incurably/terminally stupid are totally immune to recognizing irony, even when it is explicitly pointed out to them.

  2. The thing is, he does not sound like a rabid nazi. That makes him dangerous.
    The collection if people at that event really was a mishmash of every nutter under the sun plus a few sane people who just are anti-state.

    1. Tinfoil, or aluminium foil?
      Generally I’d suspect tin of being the nastier chemical – heavy metal, close to lead in the periodic table, organotin is a no-no – but in specific comparison to aluminium which has been fingered in a number of acute poisonings with neurotoxic sequels … it’s not as clear as normal.

      He probably has a tinfoil hat under the fur one.

      I wonder if you can get a tinfoil skullcap implanted surgically? Or, given the above question, could I charge them for Pt-Ir, while installing something like tungsten sheet.

      1. “… while installing something like tungsten sheet.”

        Why bother? His head is already far harder and much denser than that!

    1. 10 months long enough?
      I’m not really into this “Halloween” mythology – particularly the American ones. Is Q-Shaman a “trick” or a “treat”. Or doe it not work like that anymore?

  3. 180 countries involved in this huge conspiracy and he’s going to bring them down with a painted face and a handmade sign that says Q Sent Me. Um, okay…

  4. I just don’t know how people accept all this lunatic stuff. Is it that they are uncomfortable with the bland nature of the world?

    1. If you just think of it as a religion in the making, and look to it’s future two centuries hence. It’s not that much madder than – say – the Mormons would have appeared in 1820s New York.

      Oh Sithrak! We’re less than a decade from the Mormons having a “birthday” proselytize. I’m sure they have some horrible things planned.

  5. I watched the whole thing. The fluoride stuff is straight out of Dr. Strangelove.

    ORF is the public/state (not really a word for the precise legal form in English) broadcasting organization.

    1. They’ve revealed themselves as political weathervanes, turning with every prevailing wind. I’m thinking of an old folksong called “The Vicar of Bray” that’s wonderfully relevant now.

    1. Hmmm. If a tinfoil hat, surgically implanted, has certain subtle health implications (see my comment under #5 above) … perhaps injecting mercury under the skin would provide both RF “5G energy screening” as well as that genuine Charles Dodgson feeling.

  6. Speaking of the disturbed, I wonder if Mike Pence has a touch of Stockholm’s Syndrome.

    The traumatic event of the Capitol riot seems to have jarred some people out of their brainwashed state of delusion. People like Sen. Chao, Cheney and McConnell. They didn’t quite understand the danger posed by the orange mold till it hit close to home.

  7. You’re right, I only made it one minute in. I got as far as the bit about trillions of dollars, secret underground bases and anti gravity and I was thinking, if he believes all that, they are far too powerful for him to stop them and the logical thing to do is shut up and hope they don’t notice him.

    Too late for that now.

  8. *Snort* Besides being a nut, this guy is no worse than a harmless exhibitionist. He’s shown up at every large public gathering from BLM rallies to Burning Man, and has never actually *done* anything worse than trespassing. Why is the (Democrat) media so obsessed with him?

    1. It’s the Capitol. Anyone breaking into it should get a more serious sentence than someone who trespasses at a Denny’s or whatever.

      “More serious” is relative, though; if you’re saying he shouldn’t get a multi-year jail sentence like the Feds are considering for some of the other seditionists, I agree. Save the heavy sentences for those who threatened staff, broke in and stole stuff, carried in bombs and bats and the like.

      It’s a good time to remember liberal values: longer jail sentences don’t deter – higher likelihood of capture deters (at least AIUI). So the best thing the Feds can do to prevent attacks on state capitals and ensure future public safety is to find and charge everyone who entered the buillding, and heavily publicize that success. Court cases takes weeks or months anyways, so after the public has that message, they have lots of time to negotiate with the defendants’ lawyers on appropriately low sentences for the less egregious offenders.

      1. I agree, we should not punish (or only mildly) the misguided deplorables that stormed the Capitol, but I would punish those who encouraged these (probably) simple minds severely. That would be Mr Trump, Mr Giuliani, Mr Howley, etc .

        1. I don’t know what you mean by “only mildly” but I can not agree here. A “misguided deplorable” who participated directly in the insurrection must be held accountable. Those who encouraged these people are also “misguided deplorable”. The all played roles and all must be charged, tried, and convicted if the evidence holds up. Not all of them will have the same charges, of course, and someone who walked in to the Capital and took a selfie should not be charged with physical assault but criminal trespass is a crime that cannot be overlooked.

          1. GB, I think we see eye to eye there, of course those that perpetrated violent acts should be prosecuted, and punished seriously.
            My point was that we should not let the instigators off, they are the main culprits.

          2. Albert Schweitzer was not French, he was an Alsatian, born when the Alsace was still German, and grew up speaking German. Schweitzer means Swiss, so I guess he had some Swiss ancestors too.
            All that is, of course, irrelevant. He was a polymath and a ‘world citizen’.
            An accomplished organist and violonist, a theologian (of some special honest kind, see below) and medical Dr. He used to give concerts to obtain money for his medical projects in Africa.
            He -as a theologian- offered that Jesus never existed as a flesh and blood person, preceding Richard Carrier by decades.
            As a musician he drew attention to the mathematical nature of Bach’s works, predating Douglas Hofstadter by decades.
            He spent most of his adult life in Lambaréné Hospital (which he created) in Gabon as a medical Dr.
            I think that Dr Schweitzer is one of those few we can only aspire to emulate.

  9. I presume that would have to be ORGANIC tinfoil?
    We don’t have eccentrics any more in the UK: some many years ago we put them all on a ship and cast it off into the Atlantic. I think the boat was called the Mayflower or some such.

  10. On the subject of “Mindboggling Insanity” (not a huge leap from Mr Q-anon-5G-receiver-Headspikes), I just heard someone describing the last year or so of a (temporary) moratorium on State executions of prisoners, by Texas (and other “actively executing states”), as being because (I paraphrase) “holding executions under COVID risks is a risk to public health”?
    “Huh?”, with a capital “h” and a double question mark question mark.
    Are they telling us that they, with the capabilities of a minor industrialised nation behind each individual state, couldn’t organise “germ warfare suits” for the priest-acolytes attending to the human sacrifice, and adequate (ventilation or snot-guards) for the witnesses, so they could get on with the essential-to-life-liberty-and-the-American-way-of-life practice of killing people for the crimes of being poor, black, or mad?
    (I’m watching news about the fœetus-extracting-nutteress getting the judicial whack from Trump’s “little list” (footnote). Obviously the Tangerine Shitgibbon has a lot more people he wants to have killed, but it looks as if the military and judicial branches aren’t letting him play with the nuclear football or any other lethal footballs, and that must be so frustrating for poor Gibbonikins!)

    Are these people really serious about believing that killing people is a Right Thing for their government to do? Or are they just not working hard enough to do “the necessary”? In either case, those states which aren’t vigorously emptying their “Death Rows” as part of the traditional end-of-Presidency clemency are clearly trying to undermine his mark on history. AnitFa ruling in the prison system! That’s going to really cheer up Trump “blowers” (people who blow a lot of hot air for Trump) who are dreading the 3am SWAT team of arrest for seditious conspiracy.

    (footnote) From G&S’s Mikado, “I have a little list / Of society offenders who might well be underground /
    And who never would be missed — who never would be missed! …” Link to full lyrics; the lyrics site notes that “almost every performance rewrites this song massively – both to remove racist or sexist lyrics and update the references to diss the nuisances of modern society.”

    1. I recall that the ghastly Peter Lilley did a particularly cringeworthy version of ‘I have a little list’ at the Tory Party conference in 1992.

  11. Can we please stop calling him ‘Viking’? (this has been pointed out in earlier threads on this site) Vikings (contrary to some others) did not wear horns on their helmets. That is a 19th century embellishment by operas.
    As you can see from the Bayeux tapestry, and other contemporary images of Normans or the “Rus” and the like: no horns at all. They wore convex conical helmets with a nose protection. Much more efficient than a horned helmet, btw. And they wore chain mail, not bear skins.
    Some gods in many different cultures wore horns, but not the vikings.
    [Note, some Celts wore bird wings on their helmets, that appears to be correct.]

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