Readers’ wildlife photos

January 11, 2021 • 8:00 am

Please send in your photos, lest this feature disappear.

Today we have the second part of reader Peter’s photos of the Galápagos and its fauna. (Part 1 is here.) There are no notes save this introductory caption, but surely you can identify many of the species!

Years ago I visited the Galapagos Island and enjoyed it immensely. Here are a few of the photos that my wife and I took. I’m sure your readers will be familiar with them all.

9 thoughts on “Readers’ wildlife photos

    1. Its an anomaly. The tail had to regenerate, and owing to some problems it duplicated the tail while regenerating. A very special thing to see, especially since it happened on ‘hallowed ground’.

  1. One of the most amazing adventures I have ever had. Thank you for much better photos than I took.
    I hate to proselytize, but we went with an organization called Row Adventures, which was one of the only land-based Galapagos tour companies. Lots of kayaking and beach camping. Most all of the local children really know their natural history!

  2. Cute pair of seals there at the end. And penultimate x2 – a tjeld! That’s Norwegian for Oystercatcher. The reason I know that quite well is the last field biological expedition I was on, 2007, in a lovely little retired marine biologist’s private lab – a vacation cottage an hr N of Bergen that dipped one of its corners into a fjord – had many of them in the cove outside the living room window. I had never seen them before. The only bird book on hand was in Norwegian, and there was no Internet. I had to wait till our every-third-day trek to the library in Bergen to go online and translate tjeld.

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