Readers’ wildlife photos

December 28, 2020 • 8:00 am

We’ll need new batches of wildlife photos for the New Year, so I ask that you send in your good ones. Thanks.

Today we have some photos of animals from the Galapagos, sent in by reader Peter. His notes:

Years ago I visited the Galapagos Island and enjoyed it immensely. Here are a few of the photos that my wife and I took. I’m sure your readers will be familiar with them all.
How many can you identify? (Click photos to enlarge them.)



17 thoughts on “Readers’ wildlife photos

  1. Beautiful photos.
    A few days ago, while walking on a less exotic beach in the Netherlands, I noticed birds that developed an interesting way of feeding. They run after the receding wave, peck something, and then run away so fast their legs merge into a single pinwheel (hard to see details). They can also fly (my attempt to get closer and take pictures of them made it clear that they could).So there will be no photos, unfortunately.

  2. An excellent set of photos, thanks for sharing. I can’t id all the birds; I assume the second photo is one of the birds Darwin described? I would love to make that trip some day.

    1. Yes and no! It is one of the mockingbirds which Darwin did notice were different on different islands, but the group that now bears his name, Darwin’s Finches, were not recognised as closely related until re-examined back in England. Each island has only one (of four) Mockingbird species, but up to 10 finch species may coexist on a single island.

  3. Very sharp and beautiful photos. I love the muted colors of some of the photos. I take it these are scans of film photographs.

  4. “How many can you identify?” Way too easy Jerry:
    bird, bird, lizard, seal, another seal, birds (very busy birds), crab, crabs, bird, bird, seals.
    Do I get a prize?

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