Sale of fancy Faith Versus Fact book ends

December 9, 2020 • 11:00 am

We just cleared $5300 from the sale of the autographed and Kelly-Houle-illustrated copy of Faith Versus Fact (see below for winning bid); with all the proceeds going to the estimable charity Helen Keller International. Given that the Friends of Helen Keller International will match any donation, that means a total of $10,600 will go toward alleviating malnutrition and blindness throughout the world.

Thanks to all who bid, to the winner, to all those whose signatures made the item desirable, and especially Kelly Houle, whose wonderful illustrations made the book collectable and who also ran the auction.

I have no more books on tap, so this will be the last auction for the foreseeable future.  But Kelly is of course still doing paintings, drawings, calligraphy, and The Illuminated Origin project, and you can purchase her works at her eBay shop or her Etsy shop (I especially recommend the golden “Darwin grandeur cards,” which are a great thing to send to any science lover.)

13 thoughts on “Sale of fancy Faith Versus Fact book ends

  1. Great that the total was higher than last time. The lucky winning bidder has secured a beautiful book, and the anamorphic mirror portrait of James Randi is incredible!

  2. Is there any possibility of a derivative, illustrated version in a more mass-produced form (without autographs, obviously) that might be available for a slightly lower price than this one? I think I wouldn’t be the only potential purchaser…

  3. Congratulations! The book made approx. $1,000/year (going off what you said about schlepping it around for 5 years). Someone out there is lucky and gave to a good cause.

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