A really funny Trump tweet

November 7, 2020 • 10:00 am

I never put up posts highlighting a single tweet, but this one, by Tr*mp, is so unhinged and rich that it made me laugh out loud. I rarely laugh out loud at anything, much less the words of this loon, but when Matthew sent this to me I audibly chuckled.

Good god! Nobody has called the election for Trump, and few have called the election at all (except for me, and remember that!).

This is the tweet of a nine-year-old having a public tantrum. Somebody give him is blankie!

It’s gonna be a fun ten weeks. I’m not the only one to find the tweet funny:

41 thoughts on “A really funny Trump tweet

  1. In my household we left out the ‘l’ in ‘blankie.’ It was always ‘bankie,’ first for the kids, now for me, grandpa. I had it over my lap as I read the newspaper early this morning, discovering for the fourth straight day that we don’t have a president elect.

  2. My prediction, which is mine, and I haven’t seen elsewhere, is that Pence and the Cabinet are going to say, “Eff’ it, we’ve milked this thing for four years but the jig’s up — it’s time to get rid of this guy before he damages our future prospects any further”, and they invoke the 25th Amendment. Bundle him out of the White House in a straitjacket if that’s what it takes. Some time in the next couple of weeks.

    It would be a Thanksgiving truly worthy of the name!

        1. I don’t know…. maybe after Donald lands in prison Russia will do a swap of assets with us? It’s worth imagining!

  3. It looks like at the moment, he is not succeeding in bullying his way through the courts. He’s obviously terrified of being a loser, which reminds me of a friend’s comment – Trump’s best path to 270 is to lose 50 pounds.

  4. Is anyone getting worried by the regularity with which social media & the news organizations are giving an accuracy warning for, or straight up cutting off, Trump’s “my-kingdom-for-a-horseisms”?

  5. “I got more Christmas presents than anyone, by a lot!”

    I always say that.

    Just because he is everywhere, I have seen a few video clips of interviews, speeches and statements tRump has made over the past decade. I find it remarkable how his command of a vocabulary has diminished quite noticeably over the years. Ten years ago he is coherent and can speak an entire sentence.

    Today, not so much. He has no grasp of time or numbers. Everything is soon, so soon it will make your head spin or never in a million years. A thousand or a million are the same number; one, two, many.

    I suspect his grasp of reality is just as tenuous.

  6. That tweet from Sutcliffe is hilarious. “Orange Toddler” is one of the most accurate ‘nyms for that rat bastard. But I gotta say, I’m a little bit freaked out. A completely unhinged Trump -I mean, he is not going to take this loss well- with the vast powers of his office….it’s a frightening thing.

    1. Where, today Mr EdwardM / All, is the
      ” football. ” that deal which holds the
      ” keys ” or whatevers to setting off
      the nuclear weapons within silos.
      Silos out here within the Midwest ?

      I am serious. I am seriously asking ?
      Where is that casing which holds
      those nuclear code – deals ?


  7. Permit me to reproach our host for an error in child psychology. Most nine-year-olds have gotten well past the symptom of throwing a tantrum when they lose a game (“I really WON, by a lot”). This is four or five year-old behavior.

    I fear the Atlantic article referred to in another thread makes a very ominous point.
    A candidate more like Viktor Orban and less
    like a four-year-old might in future capture the constituency that has supported Trump.

  8. The comma in Trump’s tweet reminds me of the rhythm of the famous xkcd cartoon “Someone is wrong, on the internet.”

  9. It’s not going to be fun for several months, hopefully, by then it will calm down. I’m happy Biden won, but almost 50% of the voters went the other way.

  10. The problem is that nobody counted the votes of all of the extra people whom Trump imagined were at his inauguration (who weren’t). If THOSE votes had been counted then I’m sure Trump would have won, by a lot!

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