Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ hypocrisy

October 28, 2020 • 9:00 am

Today’s Jesus and Mo strip, called “camps,” came with this email notice:

Hypocrisy features in a lot of J&M strips, but it has seldom been so brazen and transparent as it is in the situation upon which this strip is based.

The “situation” is a demonstration in Bangladesh against French President’s Macron’s crackdown on radical Islam after the beheading of a French teacher for showing cartoons of Muhammad in a free-speech lesson. 40,000 came out in Dhaka, the country’s capital, and there’s a promise to boycott French products. (I also note that the NYT has published two articles detailing Macron’s crackdown, which I interpret as the paper’s defense of all things Islamic).

And, as the artist said, and as I emphasize in my foreword to the latest Jesus and Mo collection, a constant theme of the strip is the Divine Duo’s hypocrisy. Mo is vociferous on the faux oppression of Muslims in France, but not about genuine oppression and sequestration of Muslims in China:

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  1. I recall de Sade during the Revolution, upon release from the Bastille was supposed to have said regarding the mob in Paris, ‘Stop them, I am their leader’. And you are saying the same of the New York Times?

  2. Genuine oppression of Muslims in China ? Please don’t fall for the ridiculous propaganda. I lived most of my life in France, I now live in China after spending 2 decades in the US. From what I can tell, it’s better to be a Muslim in China than in France. Muslims in China are very well respected, their culture is protected and celebrated. The Chinese government even organizes pilgrimages to Mecca for them. As members of ethnic minority groups (Uyghurs, Hui, …) they have many privileges over Han Chinese, such as priority access to universities. They also were not subjected to the one child policy, which explains why their numbers have increased so much.
    For sure, there is a deradicalization campaign going on, due to wahabbi influence which led to terrorist attacks in the past several years. The campaign includes education (learn to read and write and other basic skills) as well as help finding a job or creating a business. It’s working, as there is no more terrorist attack, and employment rate has been increasing. The absurds claims of repression or even “genocide” in the Western media are just ridiculous.

    1. I think you are putting a very misleading spin on what is going on in Xinjiang. What is happening , call it re-education, is going on as a result of Islamic terrorism in Xinjiang. China does have freedom of religion but there are laws. I like to look at this “re-education” of the Uyghur Muslims as cultural modification, to become more “Chinese” and to realize there is no higher power than the CCP. I see this as dispelling the delusion of the supernatural, which I think is a good thing. China is ahead of times in this regard. GROG

      1. Do you really think that’s going to work? I would suggest that history tells us that “re-education” and “cultural modification” by the state rarely work to dispel religious delusions.

    2. We are so indoctrinated by our western media that the CCP just don’t get a fair rap? what you are claiming makes me very suspicious and sceptical.

      Independent reports and unfettered access from a world body would help to settle the issue, until then, your claim is just as ridiculous to me.

  3. I’m not sure of the context here. Are Uighurs in China not considered real Muslims in the rest of the Islamic world?

  4. And now Charlie Hebdo is back in the news for a cartoon poking fun at President Erdoğan, after he attacked President Macron’s response to Islamist extremism.

    The cartoon can be seen here:

    Erdoğan is the sort of humorless prig and bully who passes laws prohibiting mockery of himself (insulting the president is a crime punishable by four years in prison), so the Turkish government has responded in its usual draconian manner, as detailed by CBS:

    The Ankara Chief Prosecutor’s office has launched an investigation into Charlie Hebdo’s managers. Erdoğan told parliament
    “My sadness and anger does not stem from the disgusting attack on my person but from the fact that the same (publication) is the source of the impertinent attack to my dear Prophet.” He then criticized France and other Europe nations’ colonial past, saying: “You are murderers!”

    To be fair, the Nazis did take lessons from Turkey’s genocide of the Armenians! Funny how France has such a large Muslim population and Turkey such a small Christian one.

    Erdoğan’s lackeys have been just as classy as their bossy. “You cannot deceive anyone by hiding behind freedom of opinion! I condemn the immoral publication of the inexcusable French rag about our President,” tweeted the vice president.

    The nation’s communications director tweeted: “We condemn this most disgusting effort by this publication to spread its cultural racism and hatred.” You gotta love that disingenuous accusations of racism! Woke rhetoric is so easy to ape.

  5. The outrage among Muslims worldwide after Macron embarked on a few measures against islamism in France shows how grave the threat of Islam is.

    It is obvious to a large share of Muslims worldwide that everyone else should expect nothing better than getting butchered over a disrespectful drawing of them. How witless to let millions of them live in Europe! But I’m sure a few ethnic restaurants and ball kickers prove how invaluable they are /s

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