Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ Wokeness

August 26, 2020 • 8:45 am

At last Jesus and Mo, in the latest strip “woke”, take on this invidious concept. The email came with a note from the artist, describing wokeness as a “new religion” (I’ve added the link to Nick Cave.)

[Wokeness] is not an original thought, of course. The songwriter Nick Cave gave an eloquent summary of the new religion a couple of weeks ago:

“Its once honourable attempt to reimagine our society in a more equitable way now embodies all the worst aspects that religion has to offer (and none of the beauty) — moral certainty and self-righteousness shorn even of the capacity for redemption. It has become quite literally, bad religion run amuck.”

From here.

The link goes to a short post by Cave on his website, The Red Hand Files, that decries the chilling effect of cancel culture.

And Jesus and Mo once again show themselves as clueless:

7 thoughts on “Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ Wokeness

  1. Labeling “wokeness” as religion indicates some fundamental ignorance about religion; doubt it will pass for any of the working definitions in the field of religious studies. Seriously.

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