Readers’ wildlife photos

Send in your photos, as I’m running a bit low!

Today we have a batch of lovely flower photos from Joe Routon. Joe’s captions and IDs are indented.

Early every morning I go on my social-distancing, mask-wearing, camera-carrying walk in our neighborhood in beautiful New Jersey, called the Garden State for a reason. Doing my part to help contain the contagion, it’s the only time I leave my house. All of these were taken on my daily walks.

Foxglove (Digitalis):

Daisy (Bellis perennis):

Hollyhock (Alcea):


Morning Glory:


Iris.  My grandmother, a horticulturist and artist, is credited with naming the Iris as the State Flower of Tennessee.
Needless to say, my morning walk is the highlight of my day.
Nikon D610, Nikon 28-300mm

15 thoughts on “Readers’ wildlife photos

  1. Lovely!

    Why are purple morning glories so hard to get a good exposure of?

    There’s one near me and it’s akwa a challenge. Red is also difficult. That is, what specific lens factors should a buyer look for, to improve beyond, say, an iPhone 6?

  2. Thanks Joe, for injecting some beauty into our lives, to counterbalance the ugliness that seems so stubbornly pervasive. You really have a knack for finding the obscure loveliness in people and nature that the rest of us seem to pass right by or take for granted. Lovely photos!

  3. These flowers, Mr Routon, are utterly welcomed, Sir.
    What a darling walk you have for your Self.

    The iris is particularly stunning. My first
    granddaughter, and after no one but for
    her own blooming Self, is aptly named
    Ms Iris Genevieve.

    Your grandmama ? Tennessee ? 100 exact
    years after today, 26 August ? An interestingly
    progressive state within the earliest years of
    the 20th Century. Yet not at all so much … …
    now. Sadly.


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