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August 19, 2020 • 2:30 pm

We have two of these left (one after I post this one). I importune you to send your photos, but please limit them to three.  I’ve allowed four this time, but don’t get any ideas. . .

Today’s reader is Mehul Shah, whose caption is indented. Note the photo of the Everest massif in the last photo. The classic climb, the one taken by Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary,

I am an engineer (design microprocessors) in the SF Bay Area, and I’ve lived here since the early 90s.  Before that, I spent a few years of my childhood in India (Ahmedabad), where I was born.

Sharing a couple of pictures old and new of me hiking, climbing, etc. which I love to do in my spare time.

The climbing pictures are of an easy route on Half Dome, called Snake Dike.  The masked one is at the Big Ben Tree in Santa Cruz mountains, and one from Everest Base camp a few years ago.

JAC: Because Everest is one of my favorite places on Earth, I’ve put in this photo showing the classic South Col ascent—the route taken by Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary when they became the first to make it to the top. You can see where Mehul is standing.

18 thoughts on “Photos of readers

  1. Lovely photos! My brother-in-law works on chip design for Intel in Oregon, though how connected that is to your work is probably beyond me!

    1. I started my career at Intel in Santa Clara. Semiconductor industry is big, but within a specialization it’s a small world – like any field I guess.

  2. Climbing is a little risky for me. But, it must be a great feeling when you make it to the top!
    What’s that saying? “Let the chips fall where they may.” 😉
    Safe return, my friend.

  3. Nice pictures. Always love to see pictures from Yo Semite. Reminds me of my days climbing in the valley many years ago. Never heard of Snake Dike before. Did get to the top of Half Dome via the cables once. How did you descend from the top?

    1. Always nice to have an easy way down. The route is not in my 1964 Climber’s Guide to Yosemite. Turns out it was first climbed in 1965. I first went to the valley in 1968, so I am amazed it was not a more popular route back then. Looks like fun.

      1. One of the few routes that is bolted, with only couple of pitches requiring protection. The bolted pitches are very run out though.

        1. Snake Dike is an awesome route. Plentiful holds (but, as you said, a bit run-out), and lovely exposure with the dike in the middle of otherwise featureless granite. And it gets easier as you go, so at some point you can just run out the whole rope length.

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