More improvements of this website for mobile devices

I’ve added, with the kind help of a tech-savvy reader, additional script on my dashboard that should further improve the appearance of this site on your mobile “device” beyond this morning’s changes. Try reading it on your phone and report the results below.  The tech person will be listening to comments.

This is how the appearance should improve, including larger font:





23 thoughts on “More improvements of this website for mobile devices

  1. Looks great on my iphone SE. But I never read WEIT on the phone. In fact, I rarely use my phone as anything but a phone. I don’t know why I even have an iphone. I could do just as well with a flip.

    Sorry for rambling.

  2. Looks good.

    Ads and trackers : 3
    Fingerprinting methods: 4
    Auto fill user : yes
    Auto fill email : no

    Browser : Brave

  3. Looks very good; many thanks (even though I too don’t usually use my mobile to access teh interwebz).

  4. I use both my iPad and iPhone to view WEIT, and this is a great improvement for the iPhone. Many thanks.

  5. This is great! I have an iPhone XR and it’s so much easier to read everything now. Thanks for the upgrade.

  6. Looks much better, using a Samsung S10 at moment with Firefox browser.
    Will probably look at site more often on phone now. Usually just check email for updates then look at site later on laptop.

  7. All I can add here is that I like it when people look at the site online, as then I can judge the number of views. Perhaps the use of phones more often has led to the drop in views, which has concerned me, but if it’s just that, then I’m not as worried.

    Thanks to the tech-savvy reader for suggesting how I could improve the site’s look on mobile devices.

  8. My recent comments were formatted with one character per line.

    Browser used : DuckDuckGo

    Browser for this comment: Brave

    1. For the record: it looks ok here.

      The post that didn’t work was … Tom MacPherson – the bari sax player one.

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