15 thoughts on “An improved look for this site on mobile phones

  1. I was going to say, I like this new change.

    It’s still not formatted for a phone, but it’s better because it fills the screen with more text.

    I say it’s not formatted for a phone based on other websites which produce a format with … this is hard to explain in writing….

  2. Fuctionally there is no change, it’s still displays a ‘desktop’ layout; text is too small to read without zooming in.

  3. FWIW, I read the site via the Feedly reader so that works fine on all of my devices. I only visit the site if I want to see or make comments.

    1. Yes, that’s probably the strongest argument for consuming this website using a feed reader: they have apps and websites that format for all kinds of devices.

  4. It does look better, but text is pretty small — this on an iPhone XR. Readable enough, though

  5. Samsung phone here. Not an improvement, I’m afraid. Text is still small, but now the word wrap goes off the screen. It fits if I rotate my phone to landscape, but the text is really small. If I expand it, it goes off the screen.

  6. It looks good but I had to click on the “view mobile site” even after I explicitly told my browser to not ask for the desktop site.

  7. I only open these emails on an overseas android mobile phone any way. Not had any issues with it before (zooming is just par for course with most sites), but new version seems to be cleaner. Just nicer now. 🙂🖖

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