Spot Ollie the Devil Cat!

Matthew Cobb has three cats: Ollie, Pepper, and the latest, Harry.  I met Ollie when I went to Manchester, and he clawed my nose open when I tried to nuzzle him. I was heavily exsanguinated!

But never mind, here’s Ollie hiding in a photo Matthew took. Can you spot him?

The answer is below the fold, but give it a try first. I rate this “fairly easy”.

Click “read more” to see Ollie


Here’s Ollie! That wasn’t too hard, was it? Just don’t put your proboscis too close to him. . .

3 thoughts on “Spot Ollie the Devil Cat!

  1. I saw him.
    I got bitten on the face by a cat once.
    I have had many many cats my ex found a ginger tom wandering around the university grounds that I lived near.
    We called him Rodger for no apparent reason.
    He was a old strong independent cat and one day I picked him up, I forget why, and still have a vision of this wide open mouth full of teeth coming at my face.
    It wasn’t a serious injury though.

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