Here’s the frog!

April 29, 2020 • 11:00 am

Did you spot the frog in the tweet from Matt Clancy that I posted this morning? (I also put up the full picture.):

Here it is! The feet are a giveaway—if you even saw them. 

5 thoughts on “Here’s the frog!

  1. I found this one relatively easily when the picture was enlarged. I have a suspicion that there is also a second frog in the picture. If I am correct it is partly concealed under leaves with only the top of the head visible. It is near the top of the picture directly in line with the ‘9’ of 2019 with the tip of its snout pointing due north. It is possible of course that I am experiencing pareidolia!

  2. Even knowing where it is I find it very hard to spot the frog. The post the other day with the copperhead I still could not spot it even knowing where it was. That snake has some wonderful camouflage, and I hope I don’t run across one by accident (they are endemic to OK).

  3. I saw it immediately. Therefore, I concluded that, like the other times I’d found it right away, I probably hadn’t. If I’d have kept score of how many times I spotted it and found out later I hadn’t, it would be a large number (the copperhead snake the other day was also mis-found by me). But this time I actually had it! Probably makes me 2 for 15 this year (I got the cat in the tree for my other success).

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