Two pandemic videos

April 27, 2020 • 1:20 pm

We have two new and humorous videos dealing with politics (i.e., Trump) and the bracing messages delivered to the rest of us by celebrities.

Here’s the new “We stand with Trump” video, showing some pretty good double-takes as the “President” blathers on in his moronic and narcissistic way. It also includes Deborah Birx’s reaction when Trump mentioned injecting disinfectant or sticking UV lights up people’s nether parts.


This sarcastic thank-you to celebrities who are quarantined in their mansions will appeal mainly to Brits and those in the Commonwealth, as the “celebrities” are largely unknown to Americans. But the point is clear. Why should we be heartened by the privileged and rich telling us that “we’re all in this together”?

UPDATE: A perfect example, just put up on HuffPost (of course). Click on screenshot if you must:


Meryl Streep got back to her theatrical roots ― virtually, anyway ― alongside pals Christine Baranski and Audra McDonald to perform “The Ladies Who Lunch” as it has never been performed before.

The trio gathered via Zoom on Sunday night to croon the classic ballad, which was introduced in the 1970 Broadway musical “Company.” The number was part of “Take Me to the World: A Sondheim 90th Birthday Celebration,” a livestreamed tribute to composer Stephen Sondheim.

To many viewers, however, it also perfectly captured life in self-isolation. Not only did Baranski, McDonald and Streep sip wine and cocktails with humorous abandon, they did so in their bathrobes and in the comfort of their own homes ― on a Sunday night, no less.

Streep, meanwhile, delivered the performance’s most iconic moment when she prepared to refill her martini glass with scotch, but opted instead to chug straight from the bottle.

For many fans, it was “the ultimate mood.”

Note the use of the odious word “mood”, which I’ve ranted about before. In the new, with-it sense, it means (ugh) “relatable”. Do you relate to chugging cocktails on Zoom with your friends? I don’t.

28 thoughts on “Two pandemic videos

    1. It’s not officially live, as there is a website with other stuff, including the story of Honey the Duck, so this site may disappear. At any rate, I wasn’t supposed to announce it until Media Relations announced it.

        1. I’m watching a guy who looks suspiciously like our host looking up at the building. Studying things. Watching a pair of ducks.

          I feel like some kind of voyeur.

          1. That was probably me monitoring Dorothy, as I wanted to see exactly how she flies up to the window ledge. But she took off for parts unknown before she went to her nest. I sure hope she hasn’t abandoned her nest.

  1. I’m really getting sick of all the celebrities “treating” us to a “performance” shot on their smartphone of some crappy rendition of one of their songs. They are just crappy videos that you wouldn’t watch unless you were in a full body cast.

    It seems the local news these days is a new, crummier version of “Americas Funniest Videos.” Certainly there MUST be some real new they can report on?

    1. Here’s what I do: not watch them.

      It’s amazing how not watching some videos makes them so much better.

      As for the local news: I feel your pain. Sometimes not watching the feature about a man who recreated the Great Escape in his garden (last night on BBC South Today) is not an option if you want to watch what comes next.

      The truth is that there is no real news except coronavirus and the real news about coronavirus takes about ten minutes leaving twenty minutes to fill. Normally you could take ten of those with sport but there’s no sport except plucky twenty-something Janice who ran for 24 hours on her treadmill to raise money for the NHS.

      Anyway, I’m going to carry on not watching celebrity stay at home videos but now I will also post a link to the “we’re all in this together” video in the comments.

      1. I almost never watch local news. I did yesterday. Five people (family) killed in their home, ages 14 to 41. Gun, of course. Details scarce. Large numbers of neighbors in close proximity outside the police barriers.

        It, too, is a COVID-19 story.

  2. The moment in that Trump video where the old couple laugh at his “maybe my 2nd Amendment supporters can do something about Hillary” comment is depressing. It’s almost worse than no reaction. At least if you don’t react you can pretend you didn’t understand what he meant.

    It still staggers me how quickly that comment vanished from the news cycle. It was news for about a day, if that.

    I was mildly suprised when ‘president ponders injecting bleach to cure virus’ became big news. It feels like a game of existential roulette as to which insane comment becomes big enough news for it to really hurt him.

    He’s like a blind, pissed hurdler – just crashing through all these hurdles, one after the other, not even trying to clear them…and you look to the umpire(does hurdling have umpires?) to step in and dock him points…but they’re blind and pissed too, and they only wake up at random intervals.

  3. That was probably me monitoring Dorothy, as I wanted to see exactly how she flies up to the window ledge. But she took off for parts unknown before she went to her nest. I sure hope she hasn’t abandoned her nest.

  4. That second video is Australian, not British, and no one in other Commonwealth countries would know any of the “celebrities” who are all just TV performers, not even “movie stars”. Pathetic really.

  5. We are all in this together, but some are in it a lot deeper, and without a paddle. Those who sail upon the creek of sewage in yachts could try to be aware, and adjust their tone a little.

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