Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ camel piss

April 8, 2020 • 8:45 am

The new Jesus and Mo strip, called “phony,” came with an email message:

Prophetic medicine is a thing, and Mohammed did indeed prescribe camel urine, as described in this astonishing hadith: [JAC: I’ve reproduced it below.]

Anas said, “Some people of `Ukl or `Uraina tribe came to Medina and its climate did not suit them. So the Prophet (ﷺ) ordered them to go to the herd of (Milch) camels and to drink their milk and urine (as a medicine). So they went as directed and after they became healthy, they killed the shepherd of the Prophet and drove away all the camels. The news reached the Prophet (ﷺ) early in the morning and he sent (men) in their pursuit and they were captured and brought at noon. He then ordered to cut their hands and feet (and it was done), and their eyes were branded with heated pieces of iron, They were put in ‘Al-Harra’ and when they asked for water, no water was given to them.” Abu Qilaba said, “Those people committed theft and murder, became infidels after embracing Islam and fought against Allah and His Apostle .”

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I’ll add that, in India, some government officials are touting cow urine as a cure for coronavirus. (The Hindu-centric Modi government pushes the line that the urine, dung, and milk of sacred cows is a curative.)

And, as is so often true, Mo instantiates pure hypocrisy (one of the themes of the strip):


There’s also a new J&M book, with a foreword by Jerry Coyne, including all the strips dating back to Nov 2015 here. 


12 thoughts on “Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ camel piss

    1. Wonder if the urine of Russian hookers at the Moscow Ritz-Carlton has any supposed curative powers (other than casting out the evil spirits left behind by Barack and Michelle). 🙂

  1. Nevertheless, some keep searching for evidence:

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    The Growth Inhibitory Potential and Antimetastatic Effect of Camel Urine on Breast Cancer Cells In Vitro and In Vivo.

    Pharmacogn Mag. 2017
    Gastroprotective and Ulcer Healing Effects of Camel Milk and Urine in HCl/EtOH, Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (Indomethacin), and Water-Restraint Stress-induced Ulcer in Rats.

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  2. He then ordered to cut their hands and feet (and it was done), and their eyes were branded with heated pieces of iron, They were put in ‘Al-Harra’ and when they asked for water, no water was given to them.”

    Ah yes, enlightened justice from a religion of peace.

  3. A couple of weeks ago i read Wikipedia article on Middle East respiratory syndrome, section 2.2 Transmission / camels and laughed that it said:

    “The World Health Organization advises avoiding contact with camels and to eat only fully cooked camel meat, pasteurized camel milk, and to avoid drinking camel urine”

    I thought it was too ridiculous that anyone would consider drinking camel urine on purpose. Could urine get into milk containers while milking ? So now the riddle is solved. I wonder if it might have been an ancient camel herders’ witch doctor’s homeopathetic remedy which later got added into the hadith by forgery? I also wonder if it had been said by M. that it was really meant as a wind up never expecting the folk to actually go through with it. Maybe the tribe from UKL were viewed as enemies all along and this story is a sort of put down ? I think this idea wouldn’t fit the story though because why claim they got well, it would be more likely to write that they didn’t get well but realised they had been made fools of so went and killed the shepherds as revenge.

    If widely viewed as a genuine honest hadith then the WHO were taking a brave stance to speak against the practice of drinking camel urine.

  4. There is a folk belief that by consuming the essence of the thing, that essence will become incorporated into your essence.

    The pre-Islamic Arabs practiced cannibalism, specifically eating the livers of respected warriors to obtain their strength. Muhammad put an end to that practice, but it makes sense that kind of reasoning being brought to a camel. If you have problems adapting to living in the desert, absorb the essence of an animal that does well in the desert. [BTW, some of the Native American tribes ate hearts and livers of slain mighty warriors as well, so its not an uncommon folk belief across cultures and continents.)

    This remark is not intended to be an argument for the benefits of drinking camel’s urine, but rather that there is nothing particular unique about this Hadith, particularly given the folk beliefs in currency in the social context of pre-Islamic Bedouin peoples in Arabia. Further, as Hadith, its not straight from the mouth of Jibreel.

  5. A small thing, but why can’t I figure out whether the comic strip reads left to right or down then up. Why isn’t it clear? Am I dyslexic? Please make it clear! Maybe it doesn’t matter the order one reads? Maybe some see the whole thing at once?

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