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April 8, 2020 • 8:00 am

Today is the 60th birthday of reader Hugh Dominic Stiles, who posts under “Dominic” and is known to his friends as “Dom.” (See the birthday section of today’s HIli Dialogue.) Dom’s contributed a lot to this site over the years, both through commenting and sending me tons of interesting items, and I thought I’d give him a shout-out. He works for the medical library at University College London, but, like all UCL employees, can’t go back to work for a while. Dom’s friend Jeremy sent me the notice of his birthday and a photo of Dom, as well as a short narrative of his life (indented below).

I first met Dom when he was a stonemason at Chichester Cathedral in the early 1980s. He subsequently moved to St Paul’s Cathedral in London, where he concealed his underwear, together with runic curses that he had etched into lead, in places where they might not be discovered for several centuries to come. While at St Paul’s, Dom was able to give those of us lucky enough to be his friends tours in which he had access to areas the general public could never dream of visiting.

Dom loves cold, wet, and generally disagreeable weather. This was possibly a factor in his choice to study in Norway, where he obtained his bachelors degree. He is extremely modest, despite being the cleverest person I know. Whether the subject is history, geography, biology, or something else, Dom always has a knowledgeable and interesting perspective.

I’m including a photo of Dom taken by one of my kids about five years ago. It’s a perfect example both of his silliness and the fact that he always has his head in a book!

Happy 60th, Dom!

On another note, I’d like to revive the “photos of reader” feature during quarantine, so if you’d like to be featured, send me a photo of yourself doing whatever you do while locked down (2 photos max) and a very short explanation or narrative. Thanks!

26 thoughts on “Photos of readers

    1. There’s another time capsule under the steps in our back garden that Dom helped with a few years ago. Definitely no underpants, but other than that we can’t remember what he and my youngest daughter put inside – I guess that is pretty much the point of these things…

  1. Happy Birthday!

    There are no facts about 60 that come to mind… hmm…

    half of 120?… meh…

    1/3 of 180


      1. Perhaps my favorite is :

        β€œ60 is also the product of the side lengths of the smallest whole number right triangle: 3, 4, 5, a type of Pythagorean triple.[4]”

        That is just clear as a bell – that triangle is famous.

  2. Happy Birthday fellow Aries…not that we believe in that sheiss. I turned 51 on the 2nd. Love the photo.

  3. I have gone red…

    I was just sitting here wondering how many times one can legitimately re-heat a cup of tea in a microwave before giving up & starting again – on the 3rd at present!

    Thank you all – I love WEIT, & -it IS true!

    1. “I have gone red” – now you’ll match those hidden M&S underpants. PCC(E) took some convincing that I wasn’t making that up!

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