Caturday felid trifecta: Ships’ cats; cats hidden in paintings; and a real ceiling cat

March 28, 2020 • 9:15 am
Reader Jeremy sent a wonderful half-hour documentary about cats who lived on ships. We needed this video!  The first seven minutes are a history of the ship’s cat, and then, at 07:45, we begin to hear about specific ships’ cats, some of whom we’ve read about before (be sure to hear about “Unsinkable Sam“). At this point the narrative becomes quite amusing.


From the site Bright Side we have an artist who creates “catscapes”. Click on the screenshot for the story and the catscapes:

An excerpt:

A Malaysian artist named Lim Heng Swee shared a big secret with the whole world. Turns out, we live on a cat planet, because they’re everywhere around us. They smartly blend into landscapes and become roads, clouds, and even mountains. Can’t see them? Check out the works of the artist below.

Here at Bright Side, we liked this idea and wanted to show you how it would feel to live on a cat planet with the 25 pics below..

There are many other catscapes, as well as other cool artworks, on Swee’s Instagram page. Here are five catscapes.


Reader Beckie sent in a real, honest-to-G*d Ceiling Cat. It is also a basement cat, since Lilith hides in the basement of the Ceiling. It is God and Satan all in one: a Duo (or whatever the word is for a two-cat Trinity).

Her description and photo is as follows:

This is a picture of Lilith, who through divine inspiration has become a Basement Ceiling Cat. Though the conversion was not without trials and tribulations. Her first day was fraught with doubt on how to descend. With the encouragement of her staff and brother she  hesitated so we left her alone. She found her way down and now makes daily journeys to the Ceiling.  She was not amused by my documenting her. Thought you would enjoy this Testament of Conversion.

She and her brother Norbert are our house cats we got from the Humane Society. They are three years old. We are selling our house and had to move them to my sister in law’s while we showed the house. They were in her basement so I think Lilith took a liking to hiding in a basement. When we brought them home she was still in hiding mode. No idea how she figured out how to get up in our basement ceiling. Our washing machine is right there, she must have been exploring and found this spot. One day she was was missing and we heard her up there. Since then it is a regular occurrence.

h/t: Nicole

6 thoughts on “Caturday felid trifecta: Ships’ cats; cats hidden in paintings; and a real ceiling cat

  1. The catscapes were a bit challenging. It’s like when you look in the refrigerator for the mayonnaise and after 5 minutes of frantic searching it appears right in front at eye level. Where was my brain?

  2. Oh dear, I’ve failed you, Jerry. I’ve been subscribed to Drachinifel’s channel for ages and never thought to send you a link to the cat video. I obviously deserve what I’m going to get.

  3. My first cat, Guelfo, climbed into our furnace ducts once. The door where you put the filter had somehow come open and I heard all this banging around on the ceiling as she cruised the whole network. Fortunately she got nowhere near the flame.

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