Spot the frog!

March 25, 2020 • 8:30 am

Reader Douglas Pew sent a “spot the. . ” photo, this time an amphibian. The first picture is the puzzle, while the second shows the rescued frog.

As I finished clearing out the leaves of my window well I noticed this heretofore unseen inhabitant.  Either it leapt into the now leafless depression or I was deceived by its camouflage.  Likely the later, because when I sent the photos to my frog-adoring friend I was unable to locate the frog I swore I had just photographed. I persevered and there it was in the photo all along.

Can you spot it? (Click to enlarge.) I would rate this medium-easy. Reveal at 11 am Chicago time.

The second photo is the frog posing after his rescue. I do hope that he doesn’t return to the window well.  Even better, I will devise an escape route for future unfortunate wanderers. Perhaps chicken wire as one individual has suggested. As you may see in the photo another creature was less fortunate than this cute fellow so something must be done.

10 thoughts on “Spot the frog!

        1. I once spent an entire morning searching the house for my reading glasses. I’m sure you guess where I found them.

  1. A toad, to be precise. Where and when was this? It would be interesting to know when the toads emerge from hibernation. A toad might, if the leaf pack is dense enough, overwinter in a window well, but it would then starve in the spring. 🙁


  2. I have one of those deep window wells. It is very bad for trapping toads and frogs in there. I have to climb down in it to get the guys out of there.

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