16 thoughts on “Leah Shutkever: A fit competitive eater

  1. I don’t get it. Is there a lot of money in what she is doing? Seems to be a contradiction, stay in shape and eat like a pig. As a type II, I would be dead in a week.

  2. She’s clearly fit, burns a lot of calories through exercise, and eats healthily most of the time, but even for her eating so much in a single sitting can’t be good?

    1. I also worry that there might be an undisclosed bulimic element to this kind of competitive eating, which would entail further health risks.

      1. I believe there is some competitive eating rule that the person can’t throw up within 10 minutes or something like that. Many, if not most, are bulemic. There’s no sugar coating that. It’s disgusting. Men and women. I have never understood it and don’t encourage it.

    1. Unfortunately, Satyricon seems to have had no more deterrent effect on gluttony than Amarcord had on circle jerks. ūüôā

  3. Competitive eating baffles me as a sport. Beyond just the “yuck” factor, it seems medically dangerous hormonally with respect to insulin spikes and potential harm to the digestive system.

    1. Humans evolved to put on mass quickly, but I don’t think there are much studies on it.

      That said, excessive mass correlate to increased mortality. Whether fat or muscles – so lots of gym training is a double edged sword. (That girl looks healthy though – aside from s problem with eating normally.)

  4. I couldn’t finish watching. It actually makes me a little sick.

    It seems to make virtue of — or at least make light of — our worst traits in the West:

    repulsive foodstuffs

    cavalier regard for abundance

    gluttony and waste

    a savage need for attention


  5. She is clearly young, so she lost a lot of mass quickly. That is not a problem for many.

    The problem is to stay motivated to keep the mass low, IIRC US has statistics that show some 5 % are doing it (and I would guess that there could be ways to rise that number).

  6. “is one of the most accomplished competitive eaters in the UK.”

    I have a hard time “swallowing” that description. I’m hard pressed to think of a more baffling and ridiculous “sport” than competitive eating. Whenever I see it my mind just fills with never-ending thought balloons “why? why? WHY?”

    Especially in the USA, it seems that no matter what activity any human can engage in, someone will say “you can COMPETE in that, you know!”

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