22 thoughts on “How to awaken a sleeping rabbit

  1. Guessing: breathe at its face

    This works for spiders, ants,.. something else I can’t recall – might be the CO2…

    1. Midges, certainly ; many other members of the “mammal-biting” non-clade of … it probably extends beyond insects. Beyond arthropods, quite possibly.

      1. Rabbits don’t eat carrots, they are herbivores. That’s why it ate the greens. The carrot-eating thing is a result of decades of brain washing by Bus Bunny.

        1. Oh right! I remember when I learned that!

          I had been puzzled why I had seen so many rabbits eating lettuce their owners gave them to eat in their cages.

          Also I don’t think cottontails uproot carrots- usually they just eat the greens to the soil level.

  2. So happy to see that you are not picking up sticks on this Sabbath.

    On an unrelated note; I recently ordered FvF from Amazon (almost finished reading). The order was fulfilled through an affiliate. When I opened the book I found one of those bookstore toss-in bookmarks. This one was a faux 1,000,000 dollar bill with a message from LivingWaters.com revealing, among other things, that God will never fail me.I will leave ya’ll to deal with the irony.

  3. The frame that the video uses as it’s advertising picture (what is this called? Thumbnail? more like a … banner?) has the final scene – surrounded by carrots. This seriously ruins the surprise.

    I also thought it was a ruse – seeing the carrots surrounding the rabbit, I thought the person who made the video was tricking us into thinking that in order to wake it up, you can surround the rabbit with carrots. So I thought “a ha! It CANNOT be carrots! Therefore, we must BREATHE on it!”… but an amusing diversion for sure, and good problem solving exercise.

  4. You can’t touch it, either.

    X-ray laser, pumped by a tactical nuke? If you get the spacing right, you can get the X-rays to illuminate the inside of it’s eyeballs, waking it, shortly before the blast wave ruffles it’s fur. For moderate to large values of “ruffle”.

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