Readers’ wildlife photos

January 4, 2020 • 8:00 am

The photo tank is running dry, and I’m concerned. If you have good photos, of the quality that normally appears here, by all means send them to me. Thanks!

Reader Lenora Good sent some bird photos, and her narrative and IDs are indented:

Since you have asked for more wildlife shots here are a few taken in the last month or so.\

A little about me: I recently returned to the Tri-Cities area of Washington State (Kennewick, Richland, Pasco) and took an apartment on the Columbia River. To that end, I hauled out my camera, relearned where the shutter release was, and took these photos either on a walk, or from my patio.

Immature Great Blue Heron (Aredea herodias). He’s as cold as I am!

Cormorant drying his wings. Shall we dance? [Readers welcome to give the ID.]

Cormorant posing for portrait:

Northern Flicker (Colaptes auratus), not happy at being spotted by a human:

Cormorant looking for lunch, but, hey! there’s a human with a camera…

…I’m ready for that close up!

Bad Feather Day for ducks and pelicans:

Sunrise on the Columbia (taken from my patio) This is the east end of Bateman Island (wildlife/bird refuge):

Notice the two who are
Obeying Orders

SLOW the floating
sign admonished
Cormorants stretched
tucked heads beneath
wings and slept.


17 thoughts on “Readers’ wildlife photos

    1. There are often several on the float, anywhere from 4 to 6 on the flat part, and 2 on the top. They look like aquatic vultures as they hunker and wait for dry wings and or passing fish. Glad you enjoyed the collection.

    2. I totally misinterpreted the SLOW NO WAkE sign and was initially puzzled as to why one had to travel slowly since there was no post funeral (or wake)!

  1. Ah, the Mighty Columbia! Lovely photos. Having moved away from that region just a few years ago I find these quite nostalgic.

      1. I hear the tumble weeds this year are stranding drivers =)

        I was in Walla Walla for twelve or so years, I do love the East Side of our beautiful state. If you get a chance to visit WW, will be happy to provide dining recommendations!

        1. I go there often. Well, every 3 months or so to visit friends and book stores and prowl the fun little shops & restaurants.

          I live fairly close to the tumbleweed lockdown, but not close enough. We just got the wind, not the weeds.

  2. Wonderful photos with very clever commentary, that enhanced the viewing experience substantially. Please, don’t stop now!

  3. What a nice porch view! I live 40 miles NE of Seattle and am familiar with all these lovely birds. I’ve had trouble photographing Northern Flickers, lucky you “caught” one.

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