Standup comedy by Titania McGrath!

January 3, 2020 • 2:30 pm

Apparently Andrew Doyle has recruited someone who looks and acts like Titania McGrath to do standup comedy.  So here is a seven-minute excerpt from her gig in a London comedy club. My verdict is mixed. Some of her jokes fall a bit flat, and some go past me because the references are British, but a couple are chuckle-worthy.  I suppose this is what it would sound like if the real Titania (who doesn’t exist), were to go onstage.

Credits: “Titania played by Alice Marshall. Script by Andrew Doyle.”

18 thoughts on “Standup comedy by Titania McGrath!

  1. Yes, very mixed – even when you get the British references. I’m just not sure that stand-up is the right format for Titania / Andrew Doyle’s humo(u)r.

  2. She has some of the best hair I’ve seen on a straight long hair do. I’m not much on this type of humor and she is not changing my mind.

  3. You could argue that after years of earnest protest the Woke have begun to parody themselves… they can’t help but overcook their demands and expectations. Titania McGrath is therefore a parody of a parody, or a metaparody. Or perhaps it is satire, which can be savage and not so funny?

  4. I thought it was pretty good. Laughter is the best disinfectant to this Woke nonsense. The more it’s held up to ridicule, the faster it will disappear.

  5. I thought it very funny throughout. And I heartily agree with Dave that the material of Woke-ism is ripe for comedy. If more of this were mainstreamed it could become one of the most effective weapons against it. Reasoning sure doesn’t work.

    1. Indeed, but like most British stand-up comedy, best appreciated after downing about 6 pints or so, which most of the audience probably had.

  6. I could not understand what she was saying very well, speaking much too fast for me. Parts of what I understood were good, and funny. The best part of it was the delivery and visual humor. That was very good.

  7. I thought it was pretty good. It wasn’t hilarious throughout, but certainly amusing and satirical and the line “I do understand that the word ‘retarded’ can be triggering to members of the spastic community” would have made me spit coffee all over the laptop screen had I been drinking coffee.

  8. Brilliant & very funny throughout, helps a lot to be a Brit [accent] – the “Sluts for Islam” section all the way to the end was priceless.

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