Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ the gays

December 11, 2019 • 9:00 am

This week’s Jesus and Mo strip, called “yeesh”, is again based on a real event. And Mo threatens to report his pal! (Why are they sharing a bed, anyway?)

I’ll add the creator’s accompanying email, not because of the unwarranted  encomium the author gives me, but to let you know that I did write the introduction for the latest collection, an introduction that will get me a fatwa for sure.

From the creator:

This story is from the summer, when an Islamic TV channel was told off by Ofcom (the broadcasting regulator) for homophobic material. The program was called “Valley of the Homosexuals”!

Also, just in time for Christmas, the eighth volume of Jesus & Mo strips, entitled “Ha ha!”, is finally available. It’s a big one, with over 200 strips in it, and a foreword by the brilliant biologist and author Jerry Coyne (

You can order it here

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20 thoughts on “Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ the gays

  1. Why are they sharing a bed? Maybe the time period is one hundred fifty years ago or more in America. I have no idea, but back in those days people often shared beds, such as Lincoln did when traveling the circuit when he was working as a lawyer in Illinois. Not giving these boys a pass but often things look strange based on the period looked at.

      1. You beat me three it!

        (I think somewhere in the J’n’Mo website there was an explicit Morecambe & Wise reference in there somewhere.)

    1. Bed-sharing between non-intimate adults was a lot less than 150 years ago, even without going to the extent of “Alpine bunks” – getting rid of it as a norm was one of the explicit aims of post-war housing regeneration, for example. That’s WW2, and another aim of those programmes was to increase the number of houses with an indoor toilet to something higher than 50%.
      Even if you’d never finished “Moby Dick”, I’d hope you got past the bed-sharing scene between Ishmael and Queequeg – which didn’t raise a single eyebrow at the time.

      Do USian children’s songs include the counting song about “there were ten in the bed / and the little one said / roll over …” with them falling out one by one? There are much ruder versions for the interminable hours in the mini-bus on Friday night, with an Alpine bunk at the far end, and ice forming on the inside of the windows.

  2. Good comic!

    “… an introduction that will get me a fatwa for sure.“

    For comic purposes only, I politely point out that “fatwa” is very close in spelling to “fatwad”. I’m not sure where to go with that though, so, I’ll leave it at that.

    1. I’m not sure where to go with that though, so, I’ll leave it at that.

      No no, do carry on. It’s shaping up to make a fine entry in Roger’s Profanisaurus!

      Ohhh, I haven’t perused the Profanisaurus for ages, and I see that the humble, polite, refined and thoroughly insane Geordies have produced a Life of Christ – in Cats tea-towel. And, it being a tea towel, they’ve included all the sizing options for a tee shirt. I doubt that’s accidental.

        1. One dries the dishes with them.
          If i get it you are confused as to what they are.
          We give these out as presents to foreigners to our shores. They have a practical use and a little reminder of there visit or connection to the place. Usually with native birds, locations of interest printed on them, that sort of thing.

  3. You say a lot later that 150 years ago for adults and then go into various examples of either children or camping or ships at sea. Please get down to some evidence to cover your claim. I understand that poorer people may have to share beds, some have no beds at all. In other words more serious to the discussion.

  4. In Australia they have a now ex highly paid rugby player, who ‘suggests’ homosexuality, same sex marrage to be pacific, for the fires that are raging in that country. Whata moron he is.

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