Saturday: Hili dialogue and some animal tweets

October 26, 2019 • 4:52 am

by Matthew Cobb

It may be chucking it down in Manchester, but out in Dobrzyn it’s nice, as long as you aren’t a rabbit:

Hili: A sunny day.
A: Do you have any plans?
Hili: I will go and see who was drawn out of its burrow.

In Polish:

Hili: Słoneczny dzień.
Ja: Masz jakieś plany?
Hili: Pójdę zobaczyć kogo słoneczna pogoda wyciągnęła z norki.

The weather in the Uk right now would suit the hippos:


Jerry asks me – what’s up with Brexit? Tom Holland (not Spider-Man, the other one) gives an answer:


From Heather Hastie – “evidence that the creationists are right!”


Another goose:


The wonders of science:


Some good advice:


Indri Saturday:

18 thoughts on “Saturday: Hili dialogue and some animal tweets

  1. I read one very funny comment on the BBC website on Brexit (they have numerous articles on Brexit where the public can give their opinion on the politics of (not) leaving the EU):

    22. Posted by Wallsteron, 29 minutes ago
    “Would it help if we turned the government off and on again?”

  2. Just a view from the colony’s here. Brexit is either not known by most or what little they do know is wrong. But then you could say the same for the current impeachment event here. Good luck with trick or treat day coming up.

    1. There are similarities between Trump’s presidency and Brexit. But there is one very big difference, which is that Brexit is unfathomably, grindingly tedious.

      I find Trumpism deeply alarming, genuinely worrying. But part of me also finds it fascinating and entertaining; soap opera-esque.

      The same can’t really be said of Brexit. It’s just pointless, nasty and bureaucratic.

      1. There is something vaguely Shakespearean to the Trump presidency’s unspooling, with the mad king and the fool having become as one.

          1. Rudy is the mad king’s counselor — the perfidy of Iago combined with the senteniousness hot air of Polonius. 🙂

  3. Just wondering which side of Manchester Matthew comes down on – red or blue?

    NB: there is only one correct answer here…

      1. You beat me to it ⬇︎ (there’s supposed to be downward arrow but don’t know if it’ll survive transmission)

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