Kid describes sounds coming from his parents’ room

October 18, 2019 • 1:30 pm

I’m not sure whether those who put this on YouTube were thinking clearly, but it’s pretty funny.  Still, the interlocutors of this little kid shouldn’t have been egging him on; after all they surely knew what was gong on.  Still, ten to one the parents go buy a television set immediately!

7 thoughts on “Kid describes sounds coming from his parents’ room

    1. I think this scene in Away We Go is meant to mock the continuum movement. I definitely laughed the first few times I saw it and thought it was completely bizarre that people would do this. A friend’s sibling practices this and I always thought it was weird. I’m not so sure that it’s that odd now, but I don’t know that I would do that. I’ve noticed that friends or cousins who grew up in families where the parents were openly overly affectionate (and could hear their parents doing whatever) are generally better off with emotional and physical intimacy. It’s either that or it comes more easily for them. That is my observation.

      LN: “Mama, in this house we carry our babies. We hold them close.”

      Verona: “What about sleeping?”

      Roderick: “This is where they sleep.” (In the large family bed) “We practice family bed.”

      Verona: “So what if the two of you want to, you know? Be alone? Do you go out to the car?”

      LN: “No, Verona. We don’t go out to the car. Are you planning on hiding your lovemaking from your kids?”

      – Away We Go

    2. I agree. It seems clear the child new what they were doing, as he didn’t simply imitate the sounds he heard, but almost demonstrated with his body–a little too much of a performance. The mom appeared eager to capture the “comedy” to present it publicly, which ultimately gave off a strange adjustment to the power dynamic between parent and child. As a parent, I understand seeing the humor in the childhood veil that allows for unclear ideas to seep in before more information is known, but I just felt uncomfortable watching this.

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