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October 18, 2019 • 2:45 pm

Today we have another Man and his Toy: reader Garry VanGelderen. Garry’s notes are indented:

Here is a picture of me sitting in the cockpit of my sailboat. This is my summer residence. Marina at Gore Bay on Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada

I do go out sailing frequently in the North Channell of Lake Huron. The boat is a Westerly32 named ‘Andantino’.

20 thoughts on “Photos of readers

  1. Now that is a very fine hobby. However, always recall that definition of a boat. A hole in the water in which you pour money.

  2. Living on Manitoulin in the summer would be great – away from the humidity of southern Ontario summers and up where the lake has that beautiful limestone bottom making the water appear so blue!

    1. We used to stay at Wasaga Beach when I was a child. That’s on the south shore of Georgian Bay. I have never swum in Lake Huron. I bet it’s as cold as it is clear.

      1. I swam in Georgian Bay and it’s very cold but it’s a big body of water and I suspect it depends on where you go swimming in it. People do swim in Wasaga and go to its sandy beaches so I don’t think it’s cold. Lake Ontario will freeze you on contact and I’ve swam in Lake Huron and it’s cold too but refreshing 🙂

        1. Took Lucy Poochie into the water at the Wasaga dog beach last year. Not cold at all. This California girl calls you Canucks a buncha wimps🤓 People forget how cold California water usually is.

          1. Yeah California water is cold but they have the good sense not to try to swim in it without wet suits if staying in it for a long time surfing etc. They also don’t do stupid thing like go in it in January for shits and giggles.

      1. Yeah, a bit nippy, not to mention rocky. Beautiful, though! Love to hike the Bruce up there. Have you walked around Cypress Lake? Got caught in a thunderstorm halfway around a few years back. Absolutely drenched.

      2. Yeah I went there a lot as a kid to flowerpot island etc. A few years back I took a fuller tour and stayed longer and even took the Chi-cheemaun across the lake.

  3. As an amateur musician, it is my understanding that “andante” means basically “at a walking pace”. So is andantino (a little bit andante) a bit slower or a bit faster than walking?

    1. The definition of the term that I found is: ‘slow movement played lively’. Appropriate for a sailboat.

  4. I stayed with friends near Pointe au Barel first week of Sept. Water there was 62 F.
    Where I stayed is about 60 miles east of Manitoulin Island (closest point). I thought it was pretty brisk for my daily lake bath.

    Really pretty area.

  5. Oooo, thank YOU, Mr VanGelderen, for introducing
    me to Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada !

    I before had not known of it, let alone, that
    it is the World’s largest island within a body of fresh water, large enough to have itself
    ~100 inland lakes itself ! W h o a !

    It is upon my bucket list to take a Great Lakes’
    tour of all of them ! In one swoop around !
    Of likely weeks’ and weeks’ worth of time, that is.


  6. Sailing is a fun. I haven’t a clue how to do it, I just follow orders when on a sail boat. 🙂
    Nice BeEr T-shirt.

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