You helped save Frank the Kitten’s life

July 21, 2019 • 3:45 pm

A few weeks ago I made one of my sporadic appeals for funds for the Official Website Charity™: Feline Friends London. This was a cat-specific appeal, meant to raise about £1000 for an operation to save Frank, a 15-week-old kitten with a liver issue that caused seizures. His owners, who didn’t have the dosh, turned the cat over the FFL to see if the organization could do anything. They expected that Frank would either die or be given to someone else.

I asked readers to pitch in a pound or two if they could, and, mirabile dictu, you came up with over 2000 pounds, enough to give Frank his operation and help rescue dozens of other cats.  I’m pleased to report that a cat scan (a real one), or something like it, has shown that Frank’s condition is indeed operable with a very high chance of saving his life. His operation is scheduled in a week or so, and assuming he comes through okay, he’ll be returned to his owners, who love him a lot. They are, needless to say, over the moon about this.

So fingers crossed for Frank, and thanks to everyone who was kind enough to make a donation to Feline Friends London. Here’s the kitty you’re helping:



31 thoughts on “You helped save Frank the Kitten’s life

  1. FAKE! Pauli exclusion principle prevents that kitten and that stack of books from existing in the same house at the same time

    1. Schrodinger will tell you that the books are both in a stack and not in a stack until the cat interacts with them.

  2. OK, I saw the headline and was about to support a celebratory post, but I want to wait for an update saying the surgery was a success because most things in my life turn to shit. So, please, let us know as soon as Frank’s operation is a total success and he will be returned to his servants and receive lots of pets and wet food and love as he lives a long and happy life.

    I will genuinely be awaiting word of the surgery’s success eagerly.

  3. So happy to hear that Frank will be saved and returned to his loving pet parents !!! Keep up the good work ! Love from Canada !

  4. Congratulations!! Great news. Hoping the surgery goes well. Frank sure has a whole lot of character. Very handsome cat.

  5. Our two cats from the colony of Texas here, Frankie and Franks, shall have an appropriate cup of catnip tea in celebration and best wishes for the royal Frank from across the pond! Here at the 15 cat house of.Ramsey we hope to hear good news soon! Regards, Vern and Lea

  6. Frank you are in my prayers. I think you are just adorable and loved by so many!! You will get through this! We’re all rooting for you and your family. Sending my love chin scratches cuddles!! ❤️

  7. I’m so happy and thankful that Frankie is going to be able to have his surgery. Keep up the good work, buddy. There’s a lot of people praying and cheering you on!

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